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Designing Your Future Path 🛣️





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Designing Your Future Path 🛣️
By Jamie Lim Yin Yin • Issue #46 • View online
Ever wonder what your 5 year plan is like? You may have a vague idea of it, but perhaps it’s not exactly what you had visioned for your future? What if you wanted to take the plunge to become a full time business owner? What if you had always been exploring working remotely full time on the beaches of Bali? Of course, not forgetting that we have to take into consideration all the personal commitments that we have to our loved ones as well.
Last week I came across this concept of envisioning your next 5 years. In the book ‘Designing Your life’ by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans - they highlighted a decision making tool called The Odyssey Plana graphic representation of three possible alternative lives you might live over the next five years.
Most of you have probably heard of writing a 5 year plan, but what makes this different is that you will design 3 different versions of your next five years. Designing 1 version is already difficult enough, so why 3?
We often believe that we only have one life ahead of us. Understanding that we have the potential of exploring multiple futures, or multiples lives, can help clarify which path to choose. The future is only a perception of what might become, a reality that hasn’t happened yet. This enables you to explore different paths, before committing to a single one.
So how do you go about creating an Odyssey Plan? You can check this article out as they showcase a concrete example of a typical Odyssey plan and you can utilise this template to try it out!
Step 1:
  • Plan A) Further developing your current life route
  • Plan B) What’s Plan B? An alternate career path perhaps?
  • Plan C) If you had all the money in the world, what would you choose to do?
Step 2: Give each plan a six-word title and write down three questions about each version of your life.
The great thing about this plan is that it should present a holistic view of what you think your possible life could be, so remember to also factor in some important personal life decisions in your plan as well!
The ultimate goal here is to realise that there are many different careers and lives within you, and it’s a great way to address the ‘what ifs’ with the possible ‘how tos’.
I’m going to spend some time doing this exercise in the next few weeks, hopefully it’ll help some of you who are thinking about your life path!
Till the next time,

My Favourite Things This Week 💛
Yes, I took another YouTube Course. But boy, was it worth it - definitely had a better experience than the other course I took, and it’s much more affordable. It’s the Master YouTube course by Slowgrowth Academy, and I really only have good things to say about it!
I’ve always been curious about storytelling, and this course manages to break it down in a simple way to explain it.
With 3.18 million subscribers, Matt D'avella is one of my favourite YouTubers. I really love the way he shoots his videos as well as the topics he talks about . He is truly an inspiration to me - and the content on his channel is something I truly resonate with (eg. Habits, Minimalism)
As most of you know, I’m still in the midst of pivoting the direction of my YouTube channel, and this course has really helped me think through all of that as well.
If any one is seriously thinking of creating a YouTube Channel with intention, I’d definitely recommend this course especially if you have no problems powering through it with grit and consistency. Nothing ever replaces the amount of hard work and effort you need to put in to have a successful channel - so don’t think of it as a get rich scheme!
Matt’s other course on Slowgrowth Academy focuses on habit building - one that I highly recommend as well.
Was recommended to read this book by my therapist. I’ve only suspected that I was an introvert (ISFJ) in recent years (due to all the Myers Briggs tests) - but the research in this book definitely confirmed my suspicions.
I finally understood how I felt and why I act in certain ways. I’ve been exhausted my whole life - because I’ve always tried to be an ‘extrovert’ to make friends in order to be accepted. It’s stemmed from the fact that I grew up feeling incredibly lonely. I didn’t find a connection with anyone and really craved a sense of belonging 🤯
so many people pretend to be extroverts. Closet introverts pass undetected on playgrounds, in high school locker rooms, and in the corridors of corporate America. Some fool even themselves, until some life event—a layoff, an empty nest, an inheritance that frees them to spend time as they like—jolts them into taking stock of their true natures.
Introverts living under the Extrovert Ideal are like women in a man’s world, discounted because of a trait that goes to the core of who they are.
It was quite an interesting revelation for myself and I had to take a few days to digest it. If you’re an introvert, I’d recommend a read because it also highlights the strengths Introverts have, and how we can use it to our advantage.
Kindle Highlight Of The Week 📖
I'm a big believer that steep learning curves are one of the best ways of learning. Once in awhile, it's important to get out of your comfort zone to grow!
I'm a big believer that steep learning curves are one of the best ways of learning. Once in awhile, it's important to get out of your comfort zone to grow!
Photo Of The Week 📷
Caught up with Cat and Gen for a nice italian meal just before Covid 1.5 measures were put in place. Cat is my primary school friend btw, and I've known her since I was 7!
Caught up with Cat and Gen for a nice italian meal just before Covid 1.5 measures were put in place. Cat is my primary school friend btw, and I've known her since I was 7!
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