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Born To Be Brave 🎖️

Born To Be Brave 🎖️
By Jamie Lim Yin Yin • Issue #45 • View online
Hi friends!
Lots have happened over the past few weeks, and I’ve honestly been in a bit of a rut lately. I’ve gotten lazy and sloppy on my creative work and have done exactly opposite of what I’ve always been preaching - which is to choose discipline and put in the work, over waiting to feel motivation before starting the work. I think part of my confidence has taken a hit because I’m feeling stuck in both my personal and professional life. So numb all of that, I just decided to become an epic procrastinator and a couch potato.
Since I was feeling in the mood to ‘let it go’, I caved and finally subscribed to Disney+. Honestly, no regrets on the decision since I love Disney so much and the show selections made me really happy!
Of course I had to binge on the new High School Musical Series. While doing so, I chanced upon this song called ‘Born To Be Brave’ (which is currently on repeat on my spotify playlist). I really LOVE the lyrics:
‘Cause I was born to be brave, I know who I am inside
And I won’t apologize
Made my mistakes
And they gave me wings to fly
If you like this song, you’ll probably also enjoy these 2 songs (which have exactly the same title with the same sort of message:
This is Me‘ - Camp Rock (Demi Levato, Joe Jonas)
This is Me‘ - The Greatest Showman (The Greatest Showman Cast)
Listening to these songs just makes me feel really empowered and it really hit home - because really, we need to learn to like and love ourselves as a person before we can be proud of ourselves and develop confidence.
Since speaking to my therapist, I’ve been trying to do a weekly affirmation exercise on 3 things I like about myself. On surface level, it sounds stupid and self-indulgent but it’s personally incredibly difficult for me because I’m really critical of myself, and I can’t think about lots of things I particularly like about myself. Maybe I do, but I’m definitely not used to acknowledging it.
I guess the learning lesson here is: No matter how 'weird’ or ‘weak’ you think you are, learn to leverage your strengths. Love yourself and be unapologetically proud of your unique self, and continue doing what you do. The confidence will naturally come with experience.
It’s not an easy journey, and I’m definitely still trying to work my way through this, to enjoy and learn through the process. Definitely try the exercise and share what you like about yourselves! :)
Other quick life update: The damm otters made another appearance - unfortunately we lost 1 baby fish. This happened while I has having dinner with my family and close friends. One of my helpers was suddenly frantically screaming at the pond area, then it instantly hit me that they were back. I ran out screaming and shouting in the middle of dinner in an attempt to scare them. There were seriously a BIG bunch of 20 of them so I took a few golf club to scare them - and in all honesty, they didn’t seem scared at all.
Thankfully, we managed to eventually chase them all away. This ended with me running out of my house shouting like a maniac waving 3 golf clubs at the otters while they ran away. I had to explain the the very nice man who was walking by why I looked like a crazed woman.
So if anyone tell you otters are cute - let me assure you THEY ARE NOT 😡
Till next week!

My Favourite Things This Week 💛
Podcast - The SG Boys
Meet @thesgboys -  Joshua Simon, Kennede Sng and Sam Jo!
Meet @thesgboys - Joshua Simon, Kennede Sng and Sam Jo!
Since the theme of this week’s newsletter centers around being brave, and loving your unique self - it’s really apt for me to share about The SG Boys Podcast:
3 gay men, 1 microphone. Colourful conversations on pop culture and lessons of life & love. Hosted by Joshua Simon, Kennede Sng and Sam Jo. Recorded in Singapore, a largely conservative country that criminalises sex between men and where there are no anti-discrimination laws for LGBTQ+ people, The SG Boys aims to be a safe space where all are welcome.
I had the honour of being invited to be a guest on the podcast for the episode ‘Call Your Girlfriend’, where we spoke about my coming out story as a lesbian, as well as discuss gender expectations, Pokemon and the possible sociopolitical factors linked to one’s sexuality.
I as initially a little nervous because I didn’t grow up with many gay friends, but all of them were super sweet and welcoming 💛 I really enjoyed the conversation we had because it was both meaningful and insightful. It was also really nice to finally find people who were a little geeky over Disney, Pokemon and Musical shows like Glee! In my group of friends, I was the only one who really loved these sort of shows, so the whole experience was truly heartwarming!
This is the podcast I wished I had growing up. The episode on ‘Listen If You’re Lonely’ really resonated deeply with me - because growing up in Singapore as a young queer was such a lonely confusing journey. This episode provided such comfort to me now, so I’m sure that the impact these conversations are making significant impact on the current generation!
That’s why I had also started the Singapore LGBTQ+ Club on Clubhouse - I really wanted to play my part to help the community in this respect - the SG boys had also made a live appearance and we had an amazing conversation. I’m hopeful that with theseongoingg conversations, the LGBTQ+ community will feel less lonely and more supported in various ways.
If you haven’t heard their podcast, you can catch them on Spotify, Apple Itunes or Google Play. Remember to subscribe and connect with them on Instagram as well @thesgboys!
Kindle Highlight Of The Week 📖
Trust the process, trust the system - consistency is the key to success.
Trust the process, trust the system - consistency is the key to success.
Photo(s) Of The Week 📷
Visited the Artscience Museum with @famileeofpoodles! Felt like we were overseas for just awhile ♥️
Visited the Artscience Museum with @famileeofpoodles! Felt like we were overseas for just awhile ♥️
Visited the Star Wars Identities exhibition! Yes, I am a male Jedi only because I didn't approve of the women Jedi haircut #priorities
Visited the Star Wars Identities exhibition! Yes, I am a male Jedi only because I didn't approve of the women Jedi haircut #priorities
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