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Battling Perfectionism Paralysis 🥊⚡

Battling Perfectionism Paralysis 🥊⚡
By Jamie Lim Yin Yin • Issue #25 • View online
Hi friends!
My classes for the Part-Time Youtuber course has begun, and I couldn’t be more excited!
As we were going through Q&A, Ali raised one of the most common problems that many new YouTubers faced: Perfectionism. On one hand, being a perfectionist drives you to create the best, most polished content possible. However, in most cases, it actually paralyses people, and often most folks don’t even end up taking that first step of filming and uploading a video because of their fear of it ‘not looking perfect’.
It reminded me of a post I had read previously called The Parable Of The Pottery Class
There was once a pottery teacher called Brian. One month, he decided to split his class into two groups. Group A had to make a pot every day for 30 days (so 30 pots in total). Group B had to work on a single pot for the whole 30 days.
At the end of the month, Brian judged the quality of the pots. Without exception, every one of the top 10 pots came from Group A, the guys that made one pot per day 🍯. None came from the group that focused on perfecting their single pot.
The lesson here is to put in the work, and just get the reps in. Focus on quantity over quality (at least at the start)! The more you do stuff, the better your stuff will become! The same concept can be applied to any skill you wish to develop. Want to be stronger? Start going to the gym, consistently. You might start with lighter weights in the beginning, but over time you’ll progressively get better, and will be able to lift heavier weights and get even stronger!
Likewise, at the beginning of his YouTube career, Ali told himself that his first 100 videos were going to suck. But he just kept going - and look where he is now - at 1.2 million subscribers!
I know this to be true because I’ve been through this exact experience with my both my weekly articles and newsletter. Looking back, the first few posts and iterations of newsletters definitely weren’t as good as what I’m producing now. But I didn’t let anything stop me, I just started, and kept going. I’ve only made improvements along the way, and will continue to do so!
So friends, here’s a fair ‘warning’ - my first 100 videos are going suck too, so bear with me 🐻 Look out for an upcoming video in next week’s edition of my newsletter :)
Till next week!

My Favourite Things This Week 💛
Strategy Board Game - Disney Villainous
A DISNEY BOARD GAME FEATURING VILLAINS FROM DIFFERENT STORIES. WHUT!!!! When I found out about this, I could hardly contain my excitement!
Although the game mentions that it’s for ages 10+, it’s actually more of a strategy game for adults. If you’re interested to understand how the game works, you can check out this video! I even watched a game being played out here (on X2 speed) and it was quite entertaining!
The art work produced on each card is beautiful, and I have to say Disney did put in a lot of effort into making sure the details were just right. I actually managed to find the graphic designer who worked on it. You can check out all the artwork here.
Oh, I also bought 2 expansion packs with 6 extra villains to play as! 🙊
I’m have in mind a few fellow Disney fan friends whom I want to play this game with (you know who you are!) - can’t wait for the next board game night!
YouTube - What Is Singlish? by Our Grandfather Story
For the non-Singaporean, Singlish = Singaporean English. Yes, it is a spoken language here! I absolutely love how this video has broken it down, and explained what Singlish is!
The video covers Origins of Singlish, Singlish Tones and even Singlish Structure! Just to give you an idea of how diverse Singlish is, check out the sentence below:
Even if you’re Singaporean, have a watch! It was insightful even for a Singaporean like myself as well, and I had a good laugh :)
Online Resources - The Focus Toolkit - Thomas Frank
Lately, the topic of ‘focus’ has been of interest to me. As you all know, our attention span has been brainwashed by social media to become super short, so I’ve been trying to find out ways on how to improve my concentration skills so that I can get stuff done more efficiently!
I came across this resource toolkit from Thomas Frank, and he provides really cool resources which include:
  1. Distraction Blockers
  2. Focus Timers
  3. Music and Sounds for Focused Work
  4. Accountability and Commitment Devices
  5. Work With Me
  6. Work with Others
  7. General Focus Tips
  8. More Resources
I’m glad to see that I’m already utilizing some of these resources! I find that to get into my ‘concentration zone’ - I typically like to sit in a cool aircon room, with some sort of instrumental music playing in the background, and have a cup of rooibos tea beside me while I work! I also find that I do my best work first thing in the morning, or sometime at night after dinner.
This varies from person to person - but just find an environment / time that works for you by observing when you have moments where you get lots of productive work done!
Kindle Highlight Of The Week 📖
Time is a precious asset. How do you balance your time in between the 'need to dos' and the 'want to dos'?
Time is a precious asset. How do you balance your time in between the 'need to dos' and the 'want to dos'?
Photo Of The Week 📷
It's always nice to catch up with a bunch of colleagues turned friends :) How we all have grown!
It's always nice to catch up with a bunch of colleagues turned friends :) How we all have grown!
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