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Investors Therapy #7: Storytellers vs Number Crunchers, Tears ‘R’ Us, Grandpa please sell your home, and much more!


Investors Therapy

June 10 · Issue #7 · View online

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Hey Everyone,In a previous episode of investors therapy, Aswath Damodaran talked about the two different camps in the investment community that have vastly different ways of analyzing investments:
  • Number crunchers: Tend to rely heavily on quantitative data. Once they have the financial data (cash flow statements, balance sheets, EPS guidance, etc.), they try to make an investment decision. The metrics are great for telling us about what happened yesterday or today but are terrible at projecting the future (unless the company is a low margin discretionary business like toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, etc.). But for companies that are building their markets focusing just on the financials provides us with an incomplete story
  • Storytellers: Care about the vision for the company. For startups, they tend to heavily focus on the story component because there isn’t enough data to build a financial model. The problem with storytellers is they lose track of reality and pay ridiculous prices for companies that may never make money. Story based businesses do very well when the economy is strong, and high return investment opportunities are limited, but when the economy turns, these businesses are usually the first to be hurt.
By looking at Tesla, you can see how these camps are split on the stock.The last six months at Tesla have been brutal for Elon Musk. While the media has reported on the millions spent on retooling the factory, the long working hours at Tesla, the supply issues at the plant, and the accusations that work-related injuries are being underreported. After reading all of this it makes you wonder, why are the employees still showing up at the plant? Wouldn’t they all be burnt out at this point? Are they just rotating new employees to replace the burnout employees? 
A storyteller would focus on Elon’s leadership style. One aspect that doesn’t get talked about enough is Elon’s relentless calling to accomplish Tesla’s mission “…to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport by bringing compelling mass market electric cars to market as soon as possible.” His dedication to the mission is made apparent through Elon’s insane work ethic and ambition, which serves as a gravitational force attracting workers, capital, and customers.
Maybe it’s because he’s providing his workers with an opportunity to be apart of something larger than themselves. 
“During a visit to the NASA space center in 1962, President John F. Kennedy noticed a janitor carrying a broom. He interrupted his tour, walked over to the man and said, ‘Hi, I’m Jack Kennedy. What are you doing?’‘Well, Mr. President,’ the janitor responded, ‘I’m helping put a man on the moon.’ ”
Maybe because Elon has bet everything on his mission it has provided Elon with the credibility and confidence of his employees. Maybe the employees are rallying around Elon to save his mission. Maybe this is why owner operated publically traded companies outperform their non-owner-operated peers? OR maybe his mission is impossible to accomplish. Maybe all of his employees will burn out. Maybe he won’t be able to attract the needed capital to keep his company afloat.
Either way, I think we all can learn from what’s transpiring at Tesla.
JordanDisclaimer: I don’t have any positions in Telsa and I don’t intend to because I don’t understand the car market :(.

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