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Investors Therapy #6: Staying cool, what's wrong with financial statements, difference between a cycle and bubble, and much more!

Hey Tribe,Every now and then one of your stock investments will run into trouble. For whatever reason

Investors Therapy

April 29 · Issue #6 · View online
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Hey Tribe,

Every now and then one of your stock investments will run into trouble. For whatever reason the market will turn on it and assume the worst. The business press will begin to write doom and gloom pieces and wall street analysts will begin the down grade drum beat. It’s very easy to get swept into this fervor, but you need to keep yourself calm and ask yourself the right questions before making an investment decision.

During these times you need to ask yourself the following questions:
  • Will anyone care about what happened 1 year from now? How about 5 or 10 years from now?
  • Has the company’s core offering been permanently damaged by the event?
  • The company’s product serves a fundamental need for its customers. Has the fundamental need gone away? (McDonald’s serves hamburgers, but at the fundamental level it provides calories to humans so we can fill our caloric need. Starbucks provides high expensive coffee but on a fundamental level it satiates our need for a caffeine boost so we can get through the workday)
  • Has a competitor come into the market and found an irreplicable way to serve your companies customers at a much cheaper price while maintaining the same or higher service standards?
  • For the vocal people that are canceling their memberships or swearing never to use the product,  do they speak for a majority of users or are they a vocal sub group? Of those who are vocal, how many actually followed through? For the majority of users, how many of them are aware of what’s going on? And how many them actually care?

Tough questions to answer, but well worth the mental exercise before making a financial decision.

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