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Investors Therapy #12: The perennial investor


Investors Therapy

November 11 · Issue #12 · View online

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Hey Tribe,
We hold onto our core beliefs because they serve a few functions. When times are tough we depend on these beliefs to strengthen our resolve so we can recover from set-backs.
Other times these beliefs form mental models we use to filter out info to make the world more manageable. This works for 90% of the situations we face in our lives, but our beliefs can falter when they face edge cases that are incompatible with our mental models. These edge cases are few in number, but the impact they have on our lives disproportionately outweighs the other 90% of the situations we face. Some people are able to break past these road blocks to live fuller lives. And others are unable to do so and instead they force their mental models into these edge cases even though they don’t necessarily work.
I’ve seen the same game play out when people make investments. We tend to fall in love with certain asset class and bemoan others. We skew portfolios between either pre tax or post tax investments or forget to balance publicly trade assets with private equity.
In order to become a perennial investor, someone who thrives during various market cycles and remains mentally flexible towards the opportunities the market presents, you need challenge your investment beliefs and learn to become asset class agnostic. So long as you understand the underlying business model and risks of a given asset, you open yourself up to new possibilities and decrease the likelihood of investment failure. Being a perennial investor doesn’t mean you’re a full time asset buyer, it means you shift between strategies of asset accumulation and sometimes sitting things out.

So true.  (Source reddit investing)
So true. (Source reddit investing)
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