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Investors Therapy #11: Be careful out there


Investors Therapy

September 28 · Issue #11 · View online

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Hey Tribe,
Looks like most investors are sitting on piles of cash and are dying to roll the dice on markets. We are now seeing too much cash chasing too few deals be it in real estate, stocks, startups, or private equity, which is driving down returns for most investors.
Things that are concerning me:
Are we headed for an immediate recession? No. But should we start focusing more on the risk aspect of the risk/return trade-off? Yes.
To paraphrase Howard Marks, markets tend to swing between two extremes: euphoria and depression. We are way past our depression phase (where most of the money is made), and now we are creeping towards the euphoria phase (where most of the money is lost).
So shall we sell our positions and sit on our hands? Nope. Let your winners ride. Can we still deploy capital? Yes, but make sure you are clear on why you are deploying capital in order to protect yourself from the down side.
PS - Recently we launched a Silicon Valley Investors Club, so we can talk all things investing. Feel free to join our group!

FYI: The US doesn't have an extradition treaty with Mars.
FYI: The US doesn't have an extradition treaty with Mars.
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