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Investors Therapy #10: Never Forget


Investors Therapy

September 11 · Issue #10 · View online

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Hey Everyone,
We can all remember where we were when those cowards took nearly 3,000 innocent lives on that horrible day. Despite their despicable actions, they were never able to destroy the resolve of the American people. If anything that terrible event brought out the best in all Americans. We forgot about the partisan bickering that plagues our politics. No one cared if you were a democrat or a republican. No one cared if you were rich or poor. No one cared about the color of your skin. No one cared about your gender. No one cared about your education. No one cared if you were an atheist or a believer.
All that mattered is the country we love was under attack. Our people needed us. And we did what we could to band together to protect this great nation.
But why were we able to do this so quickly? What did that mean for all of the petty arguments before then? How could bitter political rivals go from trying to tear each other apart to doing anything it takes to help each other? How could veterans suffering from PTSD and civilians suffering from depression overcome their own problems to help their brethren at that terrible time? 
I don’t know exactly. Maybe the attack gave us meaning. Perhaps it knocked us off our high horse of self-righteousness and smugness that had trampled our ability to listen and empathize with our neighbors.
We need to reflect on this day to remember all the heroes that gave their lives for us and what we can do to promote the spirit of camaraderie between our people so that their sacrifice is not in vain. 
Never forget.

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