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Investor's Therapy #4: Thin Line Between Bold And Reckless, The Big Sort, And How To Negotiate


Investors Therapy

February 9 · Issue #4 · View online

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So lets begin.
Ouch. That’s what most traders are saying about the market. Dow drops almost 10% in 5 days. Bitcoin shaves greater than half its value in a month. And a 23 year old trader loses 4 million dollars in one day (I never forgot that much, but I know the terrible feeling of losing a hefty sum.) I heard the monopoly guy was last seen running towards his bomb shelter with his life savings and a fidget spinner. It’s rough out there.
It’s easy to get wrapped up in the drama of the markets and start selling off. Corrections and recessions are inevitable but don’t trick yourself into thinking you can predict what will happen next in the market. Before you make any investment: 1. Write down your reasons for investing in the asset. 2. Determine under what circumstances you would sell the investment. 3. Indicate your time horizon for holding the investment. 4. Periodically review if based on our criteria if you should still be in the investment. By doing that mental exercise it should help you stay focused on your investment goals while everyone else is losing their minds.

Most traders
Most traders
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