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Internet Bull Report - The Weekly Bull Report – May 03, 2020 🗞Coronavirus: Lockdown Release Continues


Internet Bull Report - Discovering Remarkable Opportunities

May 4 · Issue #137 · View online

Internet Bull Report is a financial newsletter that uncovers remarkable equities and special situations that offer potential epic returns.

Welcome to the 102nd edition of The Weekly Bull Report.
Note from our CEO, Jeff Robinson: “Nice to see some stores opening up bit by bit here in Cape Town and the rest of the world. Baby steps will work. We’re getting there!” 🤗💪
Here’s a short list of content we found interesting and informative over the past week…

🤔 Interesting Articles & News:
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💲 Noteworthy Stocks & Assets:
Weekly Market Movement Wrap
  • U.S. Indices
  • Dow -0.2% to 23,724. S&P 500 -0.2% to 2,831. Nasdaq -0.3% to 8,605. Russell 2000 +2.% to 1,257. CBOE Volatility Index +3.5% to 37.19.
  • S&P 500 Sectors
  • Consumer Staples -0.8%. Utilities -1.9%. Financials +4.8%. Telecom +3.7%. Healthcare -0.6%. Industrials +4.3%. Information Technology +3.2%. Materials +4.2%. Energy +9.5%. Consumer Discretionary +3.7%.
  • World Indices
  • London +0.2% to 5,763. France +4.1% to 4,572. Germany +5.1% to 10,862. Japan +1.9% to 19,619. China +1.8% to 2,860. Hong Kong +3.4% to 24,644. India +7.6% to 33,718.
  • Commodities and Bonds
  • Crude Oil WTI +16.3% to $19.71/bbl. Gold -1.6% to $1,708.2/oz. Natural Gas +7.7% to 1.885. Ten-Year Treasury Yield -0.1% to 139.01.
  • Forex and Cryptos
  • EUR/USD +1.43%. USD/JPY -0.56%. GBP/USD +1.03%. Bitcoin +16.2%. Litecoin +4.9%. Ethereum +11.5%. Ripple +11.3%.
  • Top Stock Gainers
  • Creative Realities (OTC:CREX) +266%. Capricor Therapeutics (NASDAQ:CAPR) +192%. Mohawk Group Holdings (NASDAQ:MWK) +100%. Midatech Pharma (NASDAQ:MTP) +93%. Neonode (NASDAQ:NEON) +86%.
  • Top Stock Losers
  • Chesapeake Energy (NYSE:CHK) -63%. Blue Apron Holdings (NYSE:APRN) -39%. Verona Pharma (NASDAQ:VRNA) -36%. Pluristem Therapeutics (NASDAQ:PSTI) -32%. Mesoblast (NASDAQ:MESO) -31%.
🎯 Stocks On Our Radar:
🏆 Quotes That Inspire Us:
  • Challenges are what make life interesting, and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. Joshua J. Marine
📖 Word Of The Week:
  • Exacerbate transitive verb. To make more violent, bitter, or severe; to irritate or make worse. “The continued delays were greatly exacerbated by the lack of workers on the project.”
❔ Did You Know: 
  • Canada has the world’s longest coastline 🏖
  • If you walked and never stopped — not to eat, not to rest your feet, not to get some sleep — it would take you four-and-a-half years to walk the length of Canada’s coastline. While it might not conjure up images of blue waters and white sandy beaches, Canada has the world’s longest coastline, bordered on three sides by three different oceans: the Atlantic, Arctic and Pacific. To put that fascinating fact about Canada in perspective, that accounts for 202,080 of the world’s total 356,000 kilometres of oceanfront property. The only other country that even comes close is Indonesia, which has 54,716 km of coastline.
📽 A Must Watch & Listen:
📚 Books We Are Reading:
Critical Thinking:
  1. Thinking, Fast and Slow - Daniel Kahneman
  2. Factfulness - Rosling Hans 
  3. Black Box Thinking - Matthew Syed
  4. The Art of Thinking Clearly - Rolf Dobelli
  5. Critical Thinking: Your Guide to Effective Argument, Successful Analysis and Independent Study - Tom Chatfield
🤣 One Liners:
  • Q: What’s the difference between a lawyer and a herd of buffalo?
  • A: The lawyer charges more.
📆 Upcoming Events:
  • Have an event, conference or announcement you would like to promote? This space could be yours!
  • Reach out:
Our very best wishes for a brilliant upcoming week! 💪
Respectfully yours,
The IBR Team
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