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Opinions and insight on MLB prospects for dynasty fantasy leagues

Opinions and insight on MLB prospects for dynasty fantasy leagues

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Off and Running - Issue #12

Rushing was drafted out of Louisville, finishing his draft season as a starter after backing up former #1 overall pick Henry Davis in 2020 and 2021. He lands with the Dodgers, a team that knows a thing or two about player development but also finds himself at…


Is Anybody Out There? - Issue #11

Shout out to Royals Farm Report for putting Hernandez on my radar.


2022 MLB Draft Superlatives - Issue #10

First things first, success obviously can be a very broad and subjective term when regarding MLB prospects. You could make the argument, given the difficulty of the sport, that anytime a player finds their way to the major leagues, that in of itself constitut…


5 College Hitters I'm Watching in This Year's Draft - Issue #9

Graham continues to climb up mock draft boards as his potential mix of power and average seems to attract draftniks. The walk rate was lower this year than last but given Graham's ability to make quality contact within the zone, it's unlikely to be a huge con…


April Showers to May Flowers

Rodriguez quickly rose up rankings in 2021 after torching the once and future Florida Coast League to the tune of a .294/.380/.512 line with 15 HRs and a 140 wRC+. Additionally he earned high marks for his arm and defensive makeup behind the plate as a catche…


The 2022 Watchlist Pt. II - Issue #6B

ARI - 3B Deyvison De Los SantosDe Los Santos seems to impress with every tweet of a mammoth home run he's hit and it's been a looong time (maybe never?) since the D-Backs have had a prospect hitter with this much buzz. In 37 games of Low A ball, he put togeth…


The 2022 Watchlist Pt. I - Issue #6

BOS - P Brandon WalterI'm never going to miss a chance to rep my alma mater and Walter is as good as any other reason to do so. Yes, he's older for the level and yes, UD isn't exactly a baseball powerhouse. But he put up above average numbers including a 30.1…


Who Do You Love? - Issue #5

Cho (or WBC as I've dubbed him) is an 18 year old high schooler from South Korea signed by the Cardinals this past international signing period.I talked about him on this past episode of "On The Farm" but just to reiterate: he's super raw with no track record…


Learning My Lesson - Issue #4

Good dynasty teams are all alike; every bad dynasty team is bad in its own way - Tolstoy, if he played fantasy baseball


All They Want for Christmas

HopeHope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and it appears that Phoenix is getting busy living after years of getting busy dying.


Legends of the Fall - Issue #2

It's Thanksgiving time at Inside Fastball! Put on your stretchiest pants and have a seat at the adult table for this buffet of prospect content...


Rookie Ramblings - Issue #1

In the very first issue of Inside Fastball, we're westward bound; rounding up some young guns to watch and prospects close to being put out to pasture. Put on some spurs and saddle up!