You Need To Be Grounded


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You Need To Be Grounded
By Chris Pick • Issue #2 • View online
Your Philosophy grounds you and provides context.

You know those dreams where you wake up in a panic because you feel like you are free-falling?
That’s the sensation felt when you aren’t grounded - free-falling, reaching out for something, anything, to grab onto.
People need to be grounded to something else they feel like they are floating.
People need stability.
My solution?
Build stability with a strong Philosophy.
A strong Philosophy is solid ground that you can plant your feet on.
You can rely on its stability as you push forward.
Your Philosophy also provides you a frame of reference to look through; a context that you can compare the world against.
As you encounter new ideas, you will have something against which to compare and contrast - you have a starting point.
You can determine whether new ideas or concept are beneficial to you and whether they are worth the time and effort to explore further. It is what informs your quick gut-checks as you navigate your day.
You are able to relax more and see things objectively.
With a strong foundation you become unshakeable.
You are harder to knock off your path.
Your Integrity is preserved.
Those that do not have this solid structure feel uneasy when they encounter new ideas.
They are balancing on weak ground; any conflicting ideas has the potential to knock them over.
That risk of conflict and confusion is scary.
Be unshakeable by building a strong base.
Build your own Philosophy.
Yours in strength,
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