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Why You Need Competition

Why You Need Competition
By Chris Pick • Issue #12 • View online

As kids, there was competition all around us.
Whether through sports, PE class, test scores, or trying to be “cool”, many of our days were filled with competition.
That inherent competition wanes as we grow, though.
Of the people that played sports growing up, few of them play at the collegiate level, and even less play competitively after college.
Socially, we stop caring about being popular or having a lot of friends as we get older.
As we start building more serious romantic relationships, we no longer compete in the dating scene.
The further along we get in life, the less inherent opportunities there are to compete.
So we must seek them out.
Competition is important.
Competition is a driver for growth and improvement. It is a challenge to be overcome or a source of friction to enact change.
Competition drives people to put in work. Competition creates a desire to win; whether against a set of obstacles, against themselves, against the clock, or against an opponent.
The point is, there are a number of ways to create competitive environments that inspire growth.
I don’t see enough of my peers engaging in competition, though.
In high school, I played soccer.
In college, I didn’t play any team sports competitively.
But I still wanted to compete.
I found weight lifting.
What started out as a competition between me and the weights (and my wanting to grow some muscle) soon turned into competitive powerlifting.
Through powerlifting I found a group of guys to train with. We all pushed each other in the gym and on the platform to lift bigger, get stronger, and be better.
My lifts increased and I also grew as a person.
I often say that the biggest lessons I learned in the gym are applied outside of its doors.
Discipline, work ethic, focus, and self-reliance were all forged in the gym.
But it never would have happened if I had not chosen to compete.
So go out. Find opportunities to engage, compete, challenge yourself and others.
It doesn’t have to be in the weight room - it can be almost anywhere.
Just compete.
Yours in strength,
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