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What is found in depth?

What is found in depth?
By Chris Pick • Issue #13 • View online
Ultimate strength is measured in adaptability. Find adaptability at depth.

What is strength?
Some will answer in terms of pounds lifted.
Some will answer in terms of study and intelligence.
Some will answer in terms of emotional resilience.
While none of these answers are wrong, none of them are complete, either.
Strength is many things to many people and their perception of strength is colored by their experiences.
I want to talk about strength in its most complete form.
I call it Ultimate Strength, and I measure it in adaptability.
We need to train ourselves in all three pillars of strength (physical, mental, and emotional) to be at our most effective.
Now, training and strengthening ourselves in each of the three pillars is great, but if we think of them as silos - unrelated and not interacting with each other - we create a lot of work for ourselves.
The better approach is to be able to understand how we can adapt strengths built in one area and apply them to a number of areas.
We accomplish this by going deep.
I break depth down into three disciplines.
  1. Depth of understanding.
  2. Depth of building.
  3. Depth of application.
When you go deep, you begin to see how two seemingly unrelated ideas on the surface tie together on deeper levels.
This allows you to build skills in one area and transfer them elsewhere.
One example I like to use to explain this idea involves weight lifting.
My weight training has taught me the value of discipline and consistent effort. I have learned that with enough repetitions, I can achieve the progress that I’m after.
How does weightlifting and this newsletter relate?
Every week I send you all out a new newsletter - I keep putting in the reps.
Hopefully you are all seeing improvements. If not, keep tuning in and I will keep writing.
Yours in strength
P.S. I dive deeper into these ideas in the last blog post on thebeardreport. if you want to read more.
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