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What Is and What 'Should Be'

What Is and What 'Should Be'
By Chris Pick • Issue #6 • View online
If there’s a gap, what are you doing to close it?

‘Should’ is an expectation.
And what ‘should be’ is likely something different than what ‘is’.
The question I pose is this - are you working to close the gap?
Everyone has expectations.
Yep - even those that say they don’t have any expectations, have them.
But we need to be careful that we aren’t falling into the trap of thinking our ideas of what ‘should be’ replaces action.
I’ll keep this one quick and cut to the point.
There are two things we need to make sure we consider when we talk about closing this gap:
  1. What we are willing to do.
  2. What limitations we are up against.
It is important we consider what we are willing to do rather than what we can do because, let’s be honest, not every battle is worth fighting.
A part of self-reliance is having the self-awareness to be able to understand what is important to us and what we are willing to do to make those things reality.
For similar reasons, it is also important to understand the limitations we are up against. It is easy to get passionate about something but it is harder to realize that sometimes we are in a situation where we are simply unable to make the changes we want to see.
So there is a choice to make:
  1. Decide to take action - if we can find a way to close the gap, what is our plan?
  2. Cut ties and walk away.
There is no third option.
The worst thing anyone can do is decide to stay in a situation and look for a third option that involves some sort of compromise.
Relying on ourselves requires us to make these decisions.
If you find yourself regularly talking about “what should be”, take this as a clue that there is something needing action.
The worst thing to do is sit stagnant.
Always seek solutions. Be Initiated. Be engaged. Take charge.
Yours in strength,
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