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Weak Foundations Crumble

Weak Foundations Crumble
By Chris Pick • Issue #3 • View online
Weak foundations leave people uneasy and off balance as they try to find stability.

We know that a strong foundation grounds us. It ties us to reality.
It gives us a place to build a solid footing.
But some don’t have a strong Philosophy. Or maybe even we have some corners of our Philosophy that aren’t as strong as the rest.
What does that look and feel like?
Being able to identify a weak Philosophy will help us to understand some of our behaviors and the behavior of people we meet.
When foundations are built on unstable ground, they crumble.
And the structure sitting on it is less stable.
When people build a belief system on ideas that they have not fully developed or understand, they are building on top of a crumbling foundation.
Their foundation lacks depth.
So these people must compensate.
These people can argue often. They can feel uneasy when they approach conflict because they do not have that strong foundation to stand on.
They can’t afford to absorb conflict - their structure can’t take it.
So they must go on the offensive to try to fend it off.
When challenged, their systems begin to crumble beneath them so they aim to avoid conflict.
Think of it another way - think of a time when you left your comfort zone to try something new; maybe it was the first time you went to the gym or you danced at a wedding, you felt uneasy.
You were unsure how others are going to react.
If you got positive encouragement, you felt good and were likely to continue to lift or dance.
But, when you saw people pointing at you or making comments, you felt bad.
You were standing on uneasy grounds, and encountered challenge from others.
Maybe you felt angry and upset; maybe you wanted say something back to those people.
Now think about that feeling but in a deeper place.
Yeah, it sucks that people laughed at you on the dancefloor, but how unsettling would that be if it was about the core Values you hold?
And how much worse would that be for you if you weren’t strong in your Philosophy? If you didn’t have that strong foundation?
Maybe this situation is not something that you can related to because you have high confidence and someone else’s actions don’t effect you in that way.
See what I’m saying?
With a strong Philosophy, just like with high confidence, you are able to approach challenge in a different way.
The Initiated Lifestyle is as much about building yourself as it is understanding how to help, or at the very least, navigate around others.
Yours in strength,
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