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Rather than Accountability, Seek Integrity

Rather than Accountability, Seek Integrity
By Chris Pick • Issue #4 • View online
Accountability is a popular term used to drive action, but it will not do much to strengthen your Integrity

We are hearing accountability everywhere these days.
“I need someone to hold me accountable”
“I struggle with accountability”
The way I see it is like this - accountability is used when someone tries to make a change that they haven’t fully bought into yet.
Without making that activity a Value, it will remain an outlier to their Philosophy, and, therefore, themselves.
There are two reasons I say this:
  1. If an activity was a Value, they would already be doing it.
  2. The fact that they need someone else to hold them accountable to do something indicates that they like the idea more than the actual process.
So what?
The more outliers you try to pursue, the weaker your Integrity becomes.
Remember, Integrity is the idea of being whole and undivided. It is a Tenet because it is important.
Living with strong Integrity means that everything you do is tied together in a meaningful way and grounded in your Philosophy.
The outliers that you entertain pull resources away from those things that are a part of your Philosophy.
To strengthen your Integrity, those outliers need to be brought into your set of Values.
When you hold Values, you no longer need accountability. You naturally act according to your Values; your Values are what drive your actions, after all.
This is a far more powerful position to be in.
Use accountability like you would use motivation - as a jump start to get the ball rolling; but soon after the start you should begin to develop the Discipline to keep up with your new commitment so that you have something to carry you when accountability is unavailable.
Everything starts at your Values and builds from there.
If you want something, don’t make it a priority.
Make it a Value.
Yours in strength,
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