Go Deeper On Your Resolutions


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Go Deeper On Your Resolutions
By Chris Pick • Issue #11 • View online
Resolutions are a start - but let’s go deeper.

First off, I hope your holidays are going well and you and your family is safe and healthy.
Now, let’s get into the meat.
The end of the year is here again and it’s about time for those New Year’s Resolutions to start getting kicked off.
Now is the last opportunity to fortify your plans of attack and get yourself ready to hit 2022 hard.
I hope you have big goals planned; but more importantly, I hope you have strong strategies set up to get you there.
Is your vision clear? Can you see where you are headed from where you are standing? Can you see the path? Its boundaries?
If you can’t see all the way to the end, can you at least see your next milestone?
What will it look and feel like when you get there?
You need your vision to guide you and you need to know what it looks like to get to where you are headed so that you will know when you’ve arrived.
Next, how is your plan? Do you have a strong plan? Have you defined where you are going to find the time and energy to pursue your goals?
Most importantly, have you found what you are going to drop in lieu of these new goals you have defined?
You have a limit to what you can accomplish and at some point, you will be unable to continue to add things to your plate - it will become too full. This is the time to be honest about what you can maintain over the next year and what needs to drop off to allow your goals to be reached.
Have you reviewed your Philosophy and Values? Have you tied your goals to them?
There is a lot that happens in a year and the world is a noisy place. It is possible that some of that static has infiltrated your thoughts. Take some quiet time to reflect on your Values and tighten up any screws that may have loosened over the past year.
2022 is your year. You will be successful in everything that you want to do.
The latest blog post on thebeardreport. has more links to previous articles that dive into these topics in more detail. I wanted to give you all the best resources I have available to fortify your plans for 2022 and help you achieve everything that you want.
I will see you all at the top.
Your in strength,
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Chris Pick

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