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Fearlessly Face Changes - Welcome to the Initiated Lifestyle

Fearlessly Face Changes - Welcome to the Initiated Lifestyle
By Chris Pick • Issue #1 • View online
Maybe I should say welcome to some of you, welcome back to others. Anyway - here’s the start of regular Transmissions again.

Please accept my apologies for going silent.
The important bit is that I am back now and we are going to get back to regular issuances of the Initiated Lifestyle newsletter.
Now, I appreciate the standing ovation, but please sit back down so we can get into it.
October has been busy for me - you may or may not know that I got married two weeks ago to my beautiful wife, Amanda.
You likely don’t know; however, that two days before that I left my construction job to pursue working for myself.
If you’re thinking those are some big life changes and that my timing is strange; well, I’d agree with you on the first part.
The truth is that my timing could not be more perfect.
Here’s the story:
As I worked on polishing the Philosophy that would underlay thebeardreport.‘s message, I began to realize some things about myself. Chief among them was that my Integrity was lacking.
Integrity as used here is not referring to moral integrity such as not stealing and telling the truth; rather, Integrity in this sense is the quality of my life being undivided, unified, and sound, similar to a building’s structural integrity.
It is the idea that all parts of your life should be working together toward a single greater goal.
To go back to the building analogy - a building’s integrity considers that all parts of a building work together to make it stand and perform its intended function, which is its greater goal.
How do you strengthen your Integrity?
It is a process of self-discovery, reflection, and tough questions followed by developing a plan and taking action if there are changes needing to occur.
It requires a lot of work; but, the gains are worth it. I feel them already.
As I worked through my processes, I defined what I wanted my life to be. I understood what it would take for me to have strong Integrity in my life and in my marriage.
I knew I needed to make some changes and take some risks.
But not once in the time leading up to the wedding or leaving my job did I have any fear or doubt about what I was doing.
Because I have my Philosophy. I have laid a strong foundation for myself to stand on.
Because I developed my Philosophy for myself I have unwavering conviction in both myself and in my resulting strategy to succeed.
Armed with my Philosophy, the changes that lay ahead look like the next logical steps along my path rather than enormous life changes.
It’s a powerful perspective to have.
I’m going to cut this one here, but as a heads up, Integrity is going to be the topic of the next few issues of the newsletter.
If you know of someone else that would dig this kind of stuff, help us both out by sharing this newsletter with them.
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Yours in strength,
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Chris Pick

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