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Automate Success and Choosing to Fail

Automate Success and Choosing to Fail
By Chris Pick • Issue #7 • View online
Rather than choosing to win, let’s flip it on it’s head. Let’s win by default and leave ourselves with the choice to lose.

Everything starts with a choice.
So success must begin with making the choice to pursue it.
Then, as soon as we start the pursuit, we should be thinking about how we can automate it; how can we ensure we reach success?
The short answer is to build systems, but that is a lame and general answer.
I am suggesting something more powerful - a change in perspective.
Let’s stop playing at our current level and reaching up for something more.
I am saying that we elevate the level we are playing at.
Let’s talk about what we can build that takes the guesswork out of winning.
There is no secret sauce to success - if you work hard enough, for long enough, you will find success.
There are short-term impacts to the speed and level of success you reach such as luck and opportunity, but we all know that the more work we do, the more luck and opportunity we tend to find.
With that disclaimer stated, let’s continue on.
We need to talk about decisions.
Each decision we leave ourselves is an opportunity for error. Every decision we make is going to be influenced to some degree by our stress, emotion, energy levels, etc.
So we need to build things that take decisions away from us so that we don’t have opportunities to make poor choices.
I am talking about routines, schedules, plans, and tactics that are repetitive and can be executed without thought.
The more we fill our days up with these automatic processes, the less time we have to be distracted or choose to do something other than what is most beneficial to our path.
Very similar to how robots can efficiently perform the same set of steps repeatedly, with high precision, we must break our steps to success down in a similar fashion.
Then, put all of our focus on execution.
When we have the plan laid out in front of us, we have the breadcrumbs to follow to success.
Then our choices become involved with stepping off of the path, rather than choosing success.
See the switch?
The less choices we leave ourselves with, the less opportunity there is to get lost.
Automate success by mechanizing the activities that are going to get you to the next level.
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