How They See

By Piotr Jastrzębski

How They See will allow you to meet artists from all over the globe and understand their perception of art. Published irregularly.

How They See will allow you to meet artists from all over the globe and understand their perception of art.

Published irregularly.

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How They See #44 with Izabel Angerer: "I had to learn to be patient"

All of your works I have seen are on paper. What is the most challenging part of working with this medium? I have worked on paper all my life with a little detour in painting and experimenting with different printing techniques on stone or copper. I always lo…


How They See #43 with Marco Domeniconi: "I have studied a lot at times when I should have acted"

When I was doing the research for our conversation, I discovered that you are sharing a name with a football player from San Marino. I don’t think it is an accident, as football, by many, is considered as a form of art.I did not know him. I admit I am not muc…


How They See #42 with Johan Lowie: "Simplicity makes you think"

You grew up in Ypres, Belgium. A place that has a quite big meaning in the history of the modern world. How was it to live there?There’s fire in the sky At rainbow’s endI see it flashing among thegray clouds.Very quiet, and peaceful on one hand but somewhat d…


How They See - Issue #41: Paulina Litwin on what does it mean that you are not allowed?

How much is the life of an artist living in France different from that in Poland?Just as the life of a man living in France differs from that of a man living in Poland. Artists are very human people :) It is also different if you are French from birth living …


How They See - Issue #40: Vincenzo Merola on painting as the most difficult challenge of life

You were born in Campobasso in Italy. Actually, it is also a home of very good vines. What is your favourite?My father-in-law produces excellent "tintilia". But I don't drink wine. He still can't believe he has a teetotaling son-in-law.I am also wondering wha…


How They See - Issue #39: Catia Goffinet on painting the energy

As far as I read in your bio, you held degrees from Business Administration, Law and you finished Pan American School of Art and Photography. I must say it is quite an unusual choice of faculties and it looks like quite a journey to what you do at the momentY…


How They See - Issue #38: Kaline Carter on his love for color

I saw on your Instagram quite an interesting choice of books. What are you currently reading? Right now, I am reading Nothing Is Lost, which is a collection of essays by Ingrid Sischy. I mostly read nonfiction and keep a constant pile of books to read. It doe…


How They See - Issue #37: Joanna Sitnik-Van Hasselt on art conservation

I have a feeling that an art conservator is like a surgeon and NASA scientist connected in one person. Some time ago I watched a documentary about the restoration of a painting by Mark Rothko, devastated by someone in London. I was surprised that the process …


How They See - Issue #36: Danny Giesbers on standing out in the art world and love for sneakers

During your studies, you had a chance to spend some time in Cracow. I can’t help myself to ask about it, cause I spent a major part of my life in this city. What brought you to this particular place in Poland and how did you like it? I understand you want to …


How They See - Issue #35: Petr Malina on observing the ordinary and extraordinary world

The first thing I have noticed, while looking at your works, is that you are a very skilled observer. Where does it come from?I enjoy watching the world around me. Whether I walk, take a tram or a car, I observe the surroundings, the city, the landscape, the …


How They See - Issue #34: David Rhys Jones on uncovering the layers of modern metropolis

Central Saint Martins is a very famous place. I remember attending art classes in Warsaw and meeting people finishing high school who wanted very badly to study in this place. How do you remember your time there?I remember my time as being very busy and quite…


How They See - Issue #33: ChaX on decay and passage of time

What do you like the most in Toulouse and where is the best place to hang out in the city?The sweetness of life, the climate and the spirit party are the most I like in Toulouse. My favourite place to be is walking along the "canal du midi" as in the winter a…


How They See - Issue #32: Martin Sandwich on his "alter ego" and harnessing the ink

Who is Martin Sandwich? Usually, I am trying to do extensive research before I am starting the interview. This time it was, I must say, hard. Internet hardly knows something about you, of course apart of your Instagram account.Well, I think it is a good thing…


How They See - Issue #31: Frank Moth on identity and nostalgia

I must admit, I had a problem with how to formulate my inquiry for the interview. It is because Frank Moth is an idea behind which there are two talented individuals. Who is Frank Moth and how to address him?There may be two people behind Frank Moth, but we e…


How They See - Issue #30: Andrea Ehret on daydreaming and healing powers of art

I have seen on your Instagram profile, that from time to time you are publishing art quotes. Why is it important to you and what message you are trying to send to the world?Isn´t that important for every artist? I want my audience to see the stories behind my…


How They See - Issue #29: Caroline Kryzecki on creating your own truth about art

BB 190/150–01. Instantly when I have seen this work – I fell in love. At first I thought the patterns are fully printed, but looking at it, I have distinguished paint marks. Is it your intention to mix analogue and digital worlds in your art?It is very intere…


How They See - Issue #28: François Bonnel on finding a pleasure in painting

I thought for a while about opening up questions for our interview and decided that I couldn't help asking this particular one. Côtes du Rhône wine is one of my favourites. What are your preferences?I live in Toulouse, in the heart of a region where there are…


How They See - Issue #27: Ioannis Lassithiotakis on modern art and colour

You studied painting at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts. The city is inseparably connected with Florence school and artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Filippo Brunelleschi or Michelangelo Buonarroti, just to name a few. How do you recall that time?You can see …


How They See - Issue #26: Andrew Weir on languages, symbols and embracing the imperfection

Japan, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, UK and a few others. You have lived in many places. Which one made the most impact on you and why?By far and away - Japan. I lived in Tokyo for over a decade and loved my time there. This was the first country that I ha…


How They See - Issue #25: Tracey Adams on music, art and the meaning of success

Dear readers and artists,This is the last issue of How They See in this rough year, which apparently seems to be like a never-ending March. I am taking a short break to unwind, rest and come back early in 2021 with full strength to work on a few ideas for thi…