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Weekly newsletter of The Intelligent Hoodlums - Issue #1

Congrats! You've survived another school year.  Let's plan for another amazing one...slowly.

Hoodlum CulturED

June 10 · Issue #1 · View online
Hoodlum CulturED is a newsletter dedicated to practical pedagogical strategies, innovation, and creativity with a bit of pop culture and humor.

Congrats! You’ve survived another school year.  Let’s plan for another amazing one…slowly.

Google Classroom Tips - YouTube
Use Google Classroom
If you’re a CCSD teacher or a teacher in an Google Apps for Education district, you have access to Google Classroom.  While you’ll no doubt take a break from thinking about pedagogy for a few weeks, it’ll be good to consider using Google Classroom this upcoming year when you get around to planning. 
Google Classroom is a learning management system (LMS). While it’s great K-12, it’s really effective in K-5 because it’s really simple for both teacher and student. A Google search will net your TONS of ways to integrate this into your classroom, but here are three tips you’ll get from us.  
1. Plan for Two Years
If you foresee yourself teaching the same grade level or content for consecutive years, it might be good to plan for two classrooms at one time. The problem is that you can just wholesale copy a course from one year to the next currently.  If you start thinking about it, you can plan for the next year while you’re planning for this year.  All you need to do is create two classes NOW.  
2. Use TOPICS always 
Topics are categories for your posts.  If you have experience with tags or hashtags, topics serve the same purpose.  Because of the linear nature of Google Classroom, you’ll need the sanity that topics provide in order to keep your cool.  You’ll be able to find things quickly in Google Classroom, but only if you use your topics all the time. 

3. Use the Calendar 
As a function of your Google Classroom, you’ll have a calendar created that will track your assignments and announcements.  Your students will also have events added to their calendars as they are added to the classroom.  This gives you (and your students) really cool abilities for conferencing and scheduling. 
Get Certified
Most certifications allow you to work at your own pace
Most certifications allow you to work at your own pace
In between binge watching Netflix and Hulu, one of the great things to do this summer is to get certified in one major tech platforms.  Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Adobe all have certification programs that are self paced and will make you a little more familiar with how you might want to use their tools in your classroom in the upcoming school year.  You might not get credit from your school district, but you’ll be a lot more prepared especially if your school has iPads or chromebooks. 
There’s also a media literacy certification via KQED and PBS. 

Remember Your Passwords
One of the biggest headaches for teachers returning to school is remembering the 6,000 passwords they have for work.  While many websites offer the convenience of logging in with Google or Edmodo, some services teachers use often don’t allow you to.  
In order to simplify your life, consider using a free service like LastPass or 1Password.  We use Lastpass and it’s something that our students will be using starting in August. Password managers allow you to rest easy knowing that you need to remember 1 password.  Lastpass and 1password also have Google Chrome Extensions and mobile apps so that you can always access your information.  

Read and Reflect
While we indulge in our fair share of Netflix and chillin’, reading keeps your mind active as well.  Read a mixture of fiction and non-fiction and if you get stuck, Google search lists and you’ll find things like this one

Silver State Technology Conference
The Intelligent Hoodlums will be Keynoting
The Intelligent Hoodlums will be Keynoting
Consider submitting a proposal to present at the State Tech Conference!  It’ll get you free admission.  We’ll be the Sunday Closing Keynoters and we’d love to see you there! 
CUE of Nevada on Twitter: "Next Friday is the last day to submit your proposal for our state conference. Tag someone you know who should submit a proposal #nvedchat #NVEducator #teachnvchat #cuechat #wearecue #cteinccsd #cue18 #iste18 #caedchat #edtech…"
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