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Hoodlum CulturED - Issue #5

In the words of O'Shea Jackson, "Once again, it's on..."

Hoodlum CulturED

August 7 · Issue #5 · View online
Hoodlum CulturED is a newsletter dedicated to practical pedagogical strategies, innovation, and creativity with a bit of pop culture and humor.

In the words of O'Shea Jackson, “Once again, it’s on…”

Starting at the Beginning - YouTube
Our latest “Webs"cast features us discussing beginning of year strategies.
Bring on the School Year!
So the new school year is upon us! Excitement is in the air as new experiences, new colleagues, and new students greet us. Here are some things to consider as you embark on this new journey.
Instructional Strategies
The Buck Institute should be a tool that you leverage
The Buck Institute should be a tool that you leverage
  1. Allow your students to set your classroom up- One of the things that Webs prided herself on was allowing her students to design the space in which they learn. Students can apply mathematical reasoning and collaboration in order to set up the class in a way that allows them to see success and failure in an incredibly functional way.
  2. Design Thinking- We are enamored with this system of thought. IDEO has a great toolkit to get your students solution finding this year.
  3. Project Based Learning- If you haven’t looked into the storehouse of resources that BIE has, it’s worth a look. You won’t have to dream up scenarios in which to use the techniques as you will find plenty of supports for whatever your classroom desires.
Instructional Tools
Send your PBS materials to your Google Classroom
Send your PBS materials to your Google Classroom
  1. PBS Learning Media- Totally free resource that can be accessed via Google login. The resources can be combed by type, grade level, or subject. You can also find resources grouped by standards and featuring the PBS characters and series that you know and love. You can also disseminate information to your Google Classroom.
  2. You need a website- Whether you build something in Google Sites or Weebly, you need a “hub” to facilitate the information you send your students and parents. If you need some tips, try our site.
  3. Work the ears- Allowing your students opportunities to use their auditory abilities in class. Tools like Listenwise and Flocabulary are freemium ways to integrate listening into your curriculum. Using podcasts is another tool to add to your arsenal. Wow in the World is a great one for smaller students, but apps like Overcast feature tons of podcasts for you to choose from.
Self Care
Dan Pink has some advice on using caffeine to fuel your sleep.
Dan Pink has some advice on using caffeine to fuel your sleep.
  1. Todoist- Finding a way keep track of all the decisions you make can be tough. Find a method of keeping them all in order. Webs uses Todoist.
  2. Nappuccinos- A caffeine fueled nap can be a boost to your productivity and mode. Dan Pink has some tips of doing this.
  3. SOLE- Self Organized Learning Environments puts more of the onus on your students to make decisions in your classroom. Check it out here.
New Webinar Time
As the school year begins, our Saturday webinars will shift to Thursday from 6-7 pm. You can attend live or the playback will be available after.
For our upcoming events, just visit the Eventbrite link below. Our next webinar will discuss Google Classroom.
The Intelligent Hoodlums Events | Eventbrite

Dates to remember
Sign up to attend Edcamp Vegas on Saturday, August 25 at Marzano Academy. Edcamps are great ways to get some free PD that is created by the attendees.
Sign up for the free tickets here.

Edcamp Vegas 2018 Tickets, Sat, Aug 25, 2018 at 9:00 AM | Eventbrite
The Silver State Tech Conference will be conducted at Silverado High School in September. Tickets are still available for purchase. We’ll be conducting three sessions so be on the look out for us if you attend.

CUE-NV 2018 Silver State Technology Conference Tickets, Sat, Sep 29, 2018 at 8:00 AM | Eventbrite
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