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Hoodlum CulturED - Issue #4

Communication is key. Here are some tools to insure that everyone is on the same page when you start

Hoodlum CulturED

July 23 · Issue #4 · View online
Hoodlum CulturED is a newsletter dedicated to practical pedagogical strategies, innovation, and creativity with a bit of pop culture and humor.

Communication is key. Here are some tools to insure that everyone is on the same page when you start the school year. 

Talking to your Parents
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It might be worth your time to think about how you’re going to be communicating with your families this school year.  Here are some tools that you might want to check out. 
1. Remind: 
Remind is a tried and true method of communicating with your community.  It allows you to send text messages to your parents without having to expose your phone number.  App available on iOS and Android. 
Mike uses ClassTag for his after school activities and will be expanding it for communications with all parents. It’s an all encompassing interface that allows you to send messages and information without little fuss.  It’s a great tool for accountability for both you as an educator and your community. 
You can invite your parents to view their students information.  You can also email them through their interface.  
If you are used to sending a physical newsletter for your parents or community, it might be worth moving it online. Mailchimp is a cost free means by which to deliver a newsletter to your community and also use analytics.  Since your parents have to have an email to register, this information can be acquired by your office staff and uploaded to Mailchimp.  You’ll be able to insure that every member of your school community receives information in their inbox. 
Building a website with Google Sites is a great way to communicate with parents because they’ll have one place to constantly acquire information.  Need help? Watch the playback of our webinar or visit our tutorial. 
Talking to your Students (or someone else's)
You’ll be interacting with your students on a daily basis and here are some tools/strategies that might be of some use in your classroom. 
This is one of the best tools available. Use videos to communicate with your students and have your students communicate with one another. Record your routines for your students, give them writing prompts, or create a get to know you activity and allow students to response with their own videos. The tool can be accessed on computer or mobile device. 
Google Classroom isn’t the most robust tool, but it is efficient especially in school districts that are GAFE. Adding your students to your classroom can be done by you or by having students use the code provided when you create the classroom.
3. G-Suite Apps
Each of the G-Suite Apps, including Google Sites, has the ability to facilitate collaboration between members. These can be hacked to become permanent communication channels. Need ideas?
a. Use Google Docs as a “help hotline” by sharing a document that students can all access.
b. Create a “status check” by using Google Slides and sharing an individual slide in the slide deck to a specific student or group.
c. Make a dedicated Team drive in Google Drive for your Class for all the important documents or sites your students might need access to.

Things to Experiment with
If you’re the curious sort, Brandquiz might be something to stick in your bag of tricks. It’s a rather stylish quiz creator or survey tool that is aimed at small business owners. After experimenting with it for a few days, it could be used to get to know your students, get feedback, or to place them into affinity groups.

If you’re looking for PD and collaboration with other teachers, then Participate might be worth a look. You can log in with your Google Credentials. It’s free and worth a look.
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We’ll be discussing strategies for using Google Docs in your classroom this year. This event is free!
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