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Hoodlum CulturED - Issue #31


Hoodlum CulturED

June 13 · Issue #31 · View online

Hoodlum CulturED is a newsletter dedicated to practical pedagogical strategies, innovation, and creativity with a bit of pop culture and humor.

Happy Summer!

Sutori + Canvas = <3
In the latest episode of Hoodlum CulturED we talked about using Sutori and with Canvas and the bigger strategy of building your content elsewhere and only using Canvas to deliver the content, not to build it. This means you can pivot to a new LMS if you have to without extricating your content. It also means you have redundancy when Canvas inevitably goes down. If you don’t have time for the whole episode, check out the blog post below that covers the highlights.
Shortcuts to Success: Sutori + Canvas
Buy module. Import module. Sip cool beverage.
If you’ve enjoyed the content on audiograms and want to include them for your students, we’ve built a Canvas module that you can purchase and just drop in to your course. It has all the tutorials videos geared toward students and is both iPad and Chromebook-friendly. Any grade level, any subject. As long as you have something you want them to demonstrate they’ve learned, this module will walk them through everything else. To read more, check out the blog post about it on our website. If you’re ready to purchase, click the link below to get it from our shop.
The Intelligent Hoodlums | Audiogram Canvas Module
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