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Hoodlum CulturED - Issue #3

Sliding through the Summer...Awesome slide deck tools + Awesome slide deck strategies 

Hoodlum CulturED

July 15 · Issue #3 · View online
Hoodlum CulturED is a newsletter dedicated to practical pedagogical strategies, innovation, and creativity with a bit of pop culture and humor.

Sliding through the Summer…Awesome slide deck tools + Awesome slide deck strategies 

Slidin' into the New Year
Let’s face it, you’ve probably had to present something at some point in your life and turned to…gulp…Powerpoint.  We’re not knocking the Microsoft mainstay.  Just the opposite really.  Powerpoint ushered in an era in which many designers and programmers took on trying to improve the visual appeal and strategy behind slide decks. 
You might be someone who uses slide decks as a tool with your direct instruction or for flipped lessons in your classroom.  You might assign your students projects in which they are asked to integrate slide decks.  Regardless, we have some tools, tips, and tricks to #MakeSlideDecksGreatAgain
Make it Look Sexy
Design is important no matter what we’re doing, but it can be hard to do at times.  Since you and your students are visual learners, making your slide decks as attractive as possible is important.  One way to maximize your sexy while minimizing your need to create new designs is to use templates instead.  Templates should work for all the major slide deck types (Slides, Keynote, Powerpoint) and it’s always a good idea to save a template to your Google Drive for safe keeping. (Don’t keep these to yourself! Share them with your students.)
via Slideshop
via Slideshop
Slideshop has thousands of templates that are largely paid, but there some free options for you to acquire. It’s worth a look at the paid slide decks because they might give you ideas. 
via Slides PPT
via Slides PPT
Slides PPT is completely free and comes with How Tos if you need help applying the templates. 
via 24 Slides
via 24 Slides
24 Slides is full of free slides, but you’ll have to register in order to acquire them.  
via Slides Carnival
via Slides Carnival
Slides Carnival is chock full of well designed templates.  Really well done and simple to apply to your own devices. 
Want more?
Check out our SlidesHappy session on YouTube. Buy us each a coffee and you get four templates that include a vocabulary lookbook (word wall on steroids), an app/choose your own adventure template plus two more slide deck templates for Slides, Powerpoint, or Keynote.
SlidesHappy - YouTube
Heard About Docs
We’ll be hosting another virtual latte n’ learn on July 28. It’s free, but there are only 10 spots so sign up today!
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