Hoodlum CulturED

By Webs and Mike

Hoodlum CulturED is a newsletter dedicated to practical pedagogical strategies, innovation, and creativity with a bit of pop culture and humor.

Hoodlum CulturED is a newsletter dedicated to practical pedagogical strategies, innovation, and creativity with a bit of pop culture and humor.

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Hoodlum CulturED - Issue #37

The Legion is talking about ways to up your Canvas game at 6pm PT on the dates below on any of our social channels or right on our website - https://theintelligenthoodlums.com/watch-the-hoodlums-live/!


Hoodlum CulturED - Issue #36

A quick way to increase engagement through assessment is by encouraging students to flex their creative muscles. Using Adobe Creative Express, we'll show you some ways to do just that.Mark your calendar for February 13 at 6pm PT on any of our social channels …


Hoodlum CulturED - Issue #35

One of the challenges of teaching in COVID times is wearing a mask which makes delivering lessons a challenge. Reduce that frustration by learning how to stream video content to your discussions in Canvas. Mark your calendar for January 30 at 6pm PT on any of…


Hoodlum CulturED - Issue #34

On January 16, we're back with a new show. The Hoodlums have joined The Legion of Pedagogical Super Villains and we want to share some of the best secrets we've learned from our villainous peers. The first episode at 6pm PT - Enter Magneto: Harnessing On Dema…


Hoodlum CulturED - Issue #33

Hoodlum CulturED was back Sunday. We talked about simplifying the Canvas module experience to take work off you and build a better experience for your students. Check out the blog for the TL;DR and to watch the whole episode.


Hoodlum CulturED - Issue #32

One of the things we do is work with folks to produce virtual events. From corporate clients to non-profit organizations and from webinars to multi-day conferences, a lot of work goes in to producing a virtual event. Here's some behind-the-scenes of how we ge…


Hoodlum CulturED - Issue #31

In the latest episode of Hoodlum CulturED we talked about using Sutori and with Canvas and the bigger strategy of building your content elsewhere and only using Canvas to deliver the content, not to build it. This means you can pivot to a new LMS if you have …


Hoodlum CulturED - Issue #30

If you've enjoyed the content on audiograms and want to include them for your students, we've built a Canvas module that you can purchase and just drop in to your course. It has all the tutorials videos geared toward students and is both iPad and Chromebook-f…


Hoodlum CulturED - Issue #29

You've probably got end of year projects and your students will need illustrations to help them tell their stories. Storyset offers free illustrations that can be customized to bring their stories to life.


Hoodlum CulturED - Issue #28

If you wanna show us some love, we’re now on BuyMeACoffee.


Hoodlum CulturED - Issue #27

Storytelling is a strategy Webs uses in her job to convey the business value of the code she writes to executives. It's also a powerful tool for marketing and studies show our brains remember stories 22 times more than facts alone. Also, there's a catharsis t…


Hoodlum CulturED - Issue #26

Sunday on Hoodlum CulturED we talked about Retrospectives - a structured way of reflecting on a project or chunk of time. If you’re more the TL;DR type, we also wrote a blog post that covers the topic, links directly to bookmarks in the episode, and gives som…


Hoodlum CulturED - Issue #25

We'll be live on Thursday and Sunday on our website, Facebook, Twitch, YouTube and Twitter talking more about the move from Google Classroom to Canvas.


Hoodlum CulturED - Issue #24

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Hoodlum CulturED - Issue #23

We start out 2021 with a bang on Thursday, February 11th with our first show this year. We'll discuss designing online content with respect to the Canvas Learning Management System.


Hoodlum CulturED - Issue #22

Thursday we talked portfolios. Why should you have a professional portfolio? Why should your students keep portfolios and what tools are out there to be able to build them? Plus a quick walkthrough of how to do it with Google Sites.


Hoodlum CulturED - Issue #21

Thursday we welcomed a very special guest! Eleanor Lang joined us to talk about distance learning from a student perspective and share how integrating Among Us can make your content more engaging.


Hoodlum CulturED - Issue #20

Last Sunday we showed you how to use poems for two voices to do empathy interviews. This is a strategy we walk you through with all the resources so you could teach it in your class this week!


Hoodlum CulturED - Issue #19

Thursday we had a Haiku D'Etat. Haikus are great for cross-curricular writing. Use them in any subject with any topic. We walk you through how to use them in math. Check out the strategy of the week for the website on how to do it in your how classroom.


Hoodlum CulturED - Issue #18

until Betsy DeVos is no longer Secretary of Education 🎉