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Headteacherchat Update

It looks like it will be a very hot week.  
As always, here is all of the up to date information and useful links for you. 
Come and join us!
When: Thursday 6th October 2022, 
Where: Sherwood Forest, Centre Parcs. 
Time: 9 am - 3:30 pm.
Tickets include refreshments, lunch, and the facilities of Center Parcs after 5:30 pm. 
­Speaker Introduction: 
VICTORIA BAGNALL - Victoria is an expert in the field of executive functioning and has committed her life, to her “soul work”, of raising awareness about these critical brain functions and how genetics and trauma can influence their development. She is committed to helping society unpick its unconscious bias towards neurodiverse people and help people to understand that executive function challenges are part of being human, and never something to be punished. She is committed to co-creating a new social system in which everyone feels nurtured, supported and valued so that they can flourish.
We asked Victoria some questions about the Inspiring School Leaders Conference:
What will you be talking about?
How neuroscience is proves Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
Which three bullet points best describe your talk:
  • Our needs must be met for learning to take place
  • Love and belonging are fundamental for teachers and students alike.
  • Every member of a school can benefit from an executive function approach.
Brief summary of your presentation: 
Find out how the latest neuroscience is affirming the concepts set out by Maslow in the 1940s. Meeting all children’s physical, emotional and psychological needs is fundamental to learning. When whole schools adopt an executive function approach we can humanize many of the challenges we face. The approach can help all members of a school community feel understood, loved and sense of belonging.
What are you most looking forward to?
Meeting like minded education professionals and sharing my pioneering knowledge.
How do you feel that this conference stands out from others?
I love the forest concept - being in harmony with nature is fundamental.
What is your top tip/s for school leaders?
Focus on meeting the needs of all learners and you won’t need to have so many EHCPs and SEN spending.
What will school leaders take away from your speech?
I hope they will have a light bulb moment where solutions to many of the challenges they face will come into focus.
How do you want people to feel at the end of your speech?
Enlightened, hopeful and curious.
We are also hoping that there will a surprise visitor! Can you guess who?! 😉
Updates from the DFE:
School attendance: guidance for schools
Covers registers and attendance codes, school hours, term dates and improving school attendance.
Secondary school performance data in England: 2021 to 2022 (provisional)
The achievements of pupils at key stage 4, at school level, local authority area and in England.
A level and other 16 to 18 results: 2022 (provisional)
The attainment of students at the end of their 16 to 18 study in England.
Updates from your Edu-Network:
The challenge is a great way to help encourage children to continue reading over the summer holidays and limit the holidays reading regression.
The free 21-day challenge is suitable for children aged 5-11 years. All they need is a tablet to access hundreds of fun, illustrated books. During the challenge there are key milestones to encourage continued reading, including numbers of books read, reading duration and
accuracy stars achieved. Once a child completes a level, they receive a certificate and can
carry on reading to enter the Hall of Fame. More details available at
­­­­Have a lovely week,
CEO, HeadteacherChat.

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