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A letter to those who have strayed

A letter to those who have strayed
By Habibata Diallo  • Issue #1 • View online
A Sunday Reminder filled with love just for you. See what’s today’s topic is going to be.

Salaam Ladies.
Sometimes we don’t realize that Allah never abandons us. He never leaves, he’s always there, waiting for you to come back. He’s there, guiding you, helping you, inspiring you, sustaining you. 
He’s still there alright, even if you forgot him. Even if you had an amazing relationship with him before, and now you don’t, he’s still there, he’s always there. Our hearts just have to remember, you just have to remember your Rabb with your heart and not with your brain. 
After all it’s truly the heart that contols the mind. 
The path to Allah, the straight path is always filled with beautiful mountains and some mountains are bigger and harder to get through than others. But why stop if Allah is always with you, never leaving, never ending. 
Something sparked just now didn’t it, guilt, sadness, tears, something else maybe. Maybe something sparked, and Allah willed for that to happen. So you know you can still do it, you can still come back to Him. 
It’s going to be a bit hard, but it only takes one step to get back. Some days you’re going to feel like a complete failure, but yet even on your worst days Allah calls you “my beloved slave”. 
Don’t you see, don’t you get it, Allah is always there, helping you, guiding you, teaching you, sustaining you, and more than anything loving you. 
If you’re alive and breathing right now, Allah gave you some time to change. Say some dhikr eight now, be it Subuhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Astaghfirullah, La ilaha illah, Allahu Akbar, anything. Just say anything of the remebrence of Allah. 
You got this, you can do it. It’s going to be a bit hard on the way but you still got Him and he will always be watching over your, guiding you, sustaining you and loving you more than you’ll ever know. 
I love to remind myself that, I would cry an ocean of tears if I truly knew how much Allah loves me. 
I ask Allah to make your journey to him a beautiful one and one filled with his limitless and never ending forgiveness, mercy and love. 
Allahumma Ameen 
Until next time ladies…
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Habibata Diallo

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