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Is B2B Product Management Different From B2C? - Product Science Journal

Over the years, I've worked on both B2B and B2C products, and I've found that B2B product management seems to be less, well, sexy. In the world of product management at large, a lot of people think of household name digital companies and the glamour of buildi…


How Do Product Leaders and Startup Founders Keep Stress Under Control? - Product Science Journal - Issue #19

Lately, I've gotten a lot of questions from early-stage founders and first-time product leaders around how to keep stress levels down. Whether you're leading an early-stage product or balancing a team of stakeholders, it can seem like you're dealing with an e…


How well do you work with your marketing team? - Product Science Journal

One of the things that stands out to me across my experiences working in product at B2B and B2C companies across different industries is the many different sizes and roles of marketing. At one B2B company, marketing and product barely spoke to each other - wh…


Focus Ruthlessly on One Metric - Product Science Journal

Everyone agrees metrics are important, but there is so much talk about metrics, and such a firehose of data, that knowing which metrics to track, how to interpret the results, and what decisions to make from them can be overwhelming. When I started working at…


How to Change Your Boss's Mind - Product Science Journal

This week, I've been thinking a lot about different kinds of founders and business leaders. Many product managers that I talk to get frustrated when their boss's egos get in the way. It's one thing to know what you *should* be doing, it's another to get it do…


What is a Great Product Opportunity? - Product Science Journal

I recently read an article from Hiten Shah, founder of several successful SaaS companies, that really drives home the importance of finding a good product opportunity. He shares a story of how things can go when you get distracted by positive feedback without…


How Organizations Capture Growth in Today's World - Product Science Journal

This week, leadership level thinking and organizational design are on my mind. As a chemical engineer by training, I see organizations as systems of people. I think about the information and productivity flow within the organization as a problem similar to de…


Never ask users if they like your idea - Product Science Journal

If users don't know what they want, how can you get value from talking with them? As a fierce advocate for user research and product discovery, I've come across this question many times. Recently I did an ask me anything with the Product School community on S…


Why culture eats strategy and what to do about it - Product Science Journal

If you've ever wondered why they say culture eats strategy for breakfast, then you probably haven't seen firsthand how frustrating it is when a company has a good strategy but fails to execute. I've had the pleasure of working at a scaling company that made G…


The most important thing in product development - Product Science Journal

So far, I've talked a lot about how to figure out what to build, but finding great opportunities won't get you anywhere if you can't capture them by building great solutions. That's why, once you've determined there is something worth going after, it's so imp…


Product Strategy Podcasts for Product Leaders - Product Science Journal

As I've expanded my circle and conversations, I've come across more and more teams and companies that are struggling to decide where to put their resources and energy. Should we build feature A or feature B? What do we do when the customers tell us conflictin…


Design Thinking isn't just about designs - Product Science Journal - Issue #9

Whenever I'm getting started with a new client or project, I like to do a kick-off workshop. If we're in person, we get together with sharpies and post-it notes. If we're remote, we join each other online with a tool like Trello or Mural. I've learned that ev…


How to conduct great interviews - Product Science Journal

Well hello there. I'm sorry I've been silent for a while. The holidays were so busy, but we're onto a new year now, and I can't wait for what it will bring.What's a good way to start this year off right? Join me in NYC for a workshop! Details below, or click …


Seeing the Big Picture - Product Science Journal

As I've talked to and worked with a wider array of companies trying to create innovative products, I've become fascinated by the big picture forces that are at play. Here are some of the best articles I've read recently that help to explain what's behind some…


Be a Product Leader - Product Science Journal - Issue #6

Since I do a lot of work on early stage products, I am often working at the big picture level, thinking about product vision and strategy. I'm surprised when I come across senior product managers who complain about unclear vision or strategy as though it's so…


Data Science for Product Leaders - Product Science Journal

It's been said that "Data is the new oil." I believe it. I've seen firsthand what companies that know how to use their data can do, and it is incredible - think super targeted experiences that offer up exactly what a user needs exactly when they need it. I've…


Get Your Stakeholders Onboard - Product Science Journal

Ever have trouble convincing others to listen to or follow your great ideas? If so, you're not alone. It can be really challenging to persuade others to take your perspective, especially if your ideas differ from the way things are usually thought of. Today's…


Why You Need Empathy - Product Science Journal

Happy Tuesday! I have exciting news - this October, I'll be opening to the public one of the workshops I've been running with companies like Babies R Us, Shutterstock, and Thoughtbot. As a newsletter subscriber, I'd like to offer you a special discount. Scrol…


Get More From User Interviews - Product Science Journal

The best product teams not only talk to user regularly but also know how to reduce bias in their approach. Here are two of my favorite articles to help you make sense of conversations with users.


High Impact Experimentation

Welcome to the first issue of the Product Science Journal. Each issue will focus on a particular topic. I'm kicking it off with high impact experimentation, the topic of my recent podcast interview.In future issues, I'll teach you more about how to use the be…