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Product Science Journal

May 10 · Issue #14 · View online

Insights for product leaders on applying design thinking, data science, lean startup, and agile principles to develop great product teams and product growth strategies.

This week, leadership level thinking and organizational design are on my mind. As a chemical engineer by training, I see organizations as systems of people. I think about the information and productivity flow within the organization as a problem similar to determining the flow of energy in a fluid. The fun part is that each person is more complex than the molecules in the fluid - so to understand these systems we have to understand people and how they behave and act. 
I know that many of my readers are the hard-working boots on the ground people, but if you’re aspiring to be a leader one day, I hope these articles will give you something to think about as you go about your days within your own organization.
And if you are a leader already, tell me if these pieces resonate with you. Would you want to nudge your organization in this direction? I’m preparing a talk I’ll be giving later this month to a group of product and tech leaders, so I’d love to get your perspective. Just hit reply - I read every e-mail! 

How to Structure Your Organization to Profit from Chaos How to Structure Your Organization to Profit from Chaos
Beyond “Outcomes Over Outputs” – Hacker Noon
Product Management Show: Does Culture Really Eat Strategy For Breakfast?
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