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This week I’m going to share with you some of the best marketing advice that I have ever received. The Three E’s of Content Marketing.
Also, I’ll share a great Google Doc I found that explains everything you need to know about Web 3.0 & introduce you to a piece of software I use every day!

The Three E's Of Content Marketing
Social Media is a game of who can capture the most attention and get other people to share/multiply that attention on their behalf.
The idea is that a piece of content must embody one or more of these traits in order for someone to consider sharing it. Entertain, Educate or Empower your audience.
Entertain: Be authentic, you’re trying to attract people that have similar thoughts and values as your brand. Most importantly have fun with it, Duolingo has an absolutely Unhinged Tiktok account that has now built a cult following & I honestly love them so much that I’ve signed up to learn how to speak Japanese!
Entertaining content is highly shareable, creates great brand awareness & showcases your brands’ personality.
Educate: Become the expert! Teach your audience something valuable & watch them share your content all over the internet. Educational content can be broken down into two sections: “how-to content” & “how did content”.
Great examples of “how-to content” are makeup companies creating tutorials on how to apply the companies products. After viewing the tutorial two things have happened, the viewer has learnt a new technique & the companies makeup products are now top of mind which may lead to purchases.
“How did.. content” is where you explain the positive effects that your products produce for your customers. An example of this is a personal trainer writing a content piece titled “How did (insert client) lose X KGs”, the piece will go into detail about the program they purchased & the results they achieved. Thus, building the readers trust in your product.
Every great brand has a mission. wants to share ideas, Ikea wants to make peoples everyday life better & Nike wants to bring inspiration and innovation to everyone in the world.
These are three of many brands that create great content around their mission.
Content with emotional value appeals to people on a very deep level, often compelling them to act or increasing their connection to a brand.
By identifying your brand’s mission, you also identify the emotional trigger that will connect with customers.
Notice how Nikes product is only in this clip for 8 seconds. This film is all about creating an emotional response.
Thankyou.Co is one of my favourite businesses in the world & that’s in large part due to the way they communicate their mission through social media content.
Remember before you hit that publish button, think about whether your content is meeting one of the three E’s.
What I Read This Week 📖
Julie Meredith, Dash Hudson: Why video and authentic content are vital
web3 starter pack 🏄🏾‍♂️ - Google Docs
Product of the Week
Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
I hope that you enjoyed this weeks edition of Growth Newsletter, if you have anything that you’d like to see covered in future editions or just want to say hello, feel free to reply to this Email.
Have a great day,
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Jayden from Growth Newsletter
Jayden from Growth Newsletter

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