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Growth Tweets - Issue #16

Growth Newsletter
Welcome to the exciting sixteenth issue of “Growth Tweets”, tweets that matter. Hope you’ll enjoy it.
Also, you can recommend Twitter accounts by replying to this mail, I’ll add them if it fits the context.
Today issue of “Growth Tweets”, is kindly sponsored by Alternative Assets.
Stefan and Wyatt explore new investment opportunities so you don’t have to. Think NFTsSports cards, and Sneakers.

The price that society is paying for political correctness continues to go up.
Julian Shapiro
For aspiring writers:

Your ultimate goal isn't building a writing habit. It's falling so in love with interesting ideas that you can’t help but tell the world about them. Writing is the medium—not the objective.
Austen Allred
When a seed fund values your company at $20 million they don’t think the company is worth $20 million today.

They think your company has (roughly) a greater than 2% chance of becoming worth more than $1 billion.

That’s a very important distinction for founders to understand.
Ash Lamb
Stick all your bricks together and build something great.
So that’s all for this week, for more tweets like this do visit the dedicated page.
Also, you guys are more than welcome to suggest your favourite Twitter account, provided they tweet in the growth space.
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Jayden from Growth Newsletter
Jayden from Growth Newsletter

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