Godzilla vs. Kong English Full Watch Movie

Godzilla vs. Kong English Full Watch Movie

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Godzilla vs. Kong will also be released on HBO Max on March 26.
The legendary monsters King Kong and Godzilla prepare to face each other again on the screen, and the first analyzes of the epic battle emerged online. Apparently, “Godzilla vs. Kong ”was exactly what the audience wanted to see, that is, a big box office success with excellent action scenes and special effects. Yes, human episodes are still the worst part of giant monster movies, but other than that, we are definitely in an exciting and mesmerizing show.
In the end, the credits for "Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters" hinted at the future appearance of Mechagodzilla - another Japanese lizard nemesis. The battle robot, modeled after Godzilla, first appeared in 1974 as an alien weapon. On the screen behind the hero Xiong Oguri, you can see the outlines of Godzilla, over which the metrics of a given system and the battery indicators overlap. The robot's head seems to flash between the ruined skyscrapers at the very beginning of the trailer. In fact, in the video, the heroes emphasize that the destructive humor of the king of monsters is a consequence of external control. Again on the scene after the credits of "Godzilla 2" Alan John (Charles Dance) took possession of the head of the murdered Ghidorah, who in the mythology of the franchise knew how to control other kaiju.
The trailer confirmed the appearance of new monsters, which the most loyal fans of the series awaited even after the announcement of the figures in the film. In one scene, Kong fights Nozuki's flying snake. Judging by the landscape around them, the battle takes place on the Hollow Land - an ecosystem below the surface of the planet, whose existence the heroes of Kong: Skull Island suspected. The location was also mentioned in newspaper clippings featured in Godzilla II's final credits. In yet another spectacular episode, the primate snarls at a giant bat, which clearly haunts him.
Flying ships can be seen in two pictures behind King Kong. The trailer does not reveal its origin, but aliens from outer space have already appeared in the mythology of Godzilla: many classic Japanese films about him are somehow connected to aliens. The three-headed monster Ghidorah from the previous American film had a supernatural origin. Presumably, the crossover will reveal the connection between Terra Hollow and guests from other worlds.
At the end of the scene, Kong deflects a blue atomic beam from the enemy's throat with a homemade battle ax. In the description of the gorilla figurine, it is indicated that the weapon is made of Godzilla's back plates, which, presumably, the monkey tore from the enemy during a particularly brutal fight. In addition, a hidden Easter egg for fans of Isiro Honda’s Japanese crossover, King Kong vs. Godzilla, can be seen on the scene. In the 1962 film, there was an episode in which a giant primate plucks a tree from the ground and sticks it in Godzilla's throat.
The epic intensity of the battle is conveyed by Chris Classic's remix of "Here We Go", which was created by the composer of the film Junkie XL. In 2019, this composition was chosen as the main theme of the WWE wrestling program Hell in a Cell, so its ability to follow spectacular battles has already been tested by the studio's marketing professionals. Previously, Junkie XL, who worked on the soundtracks for Mad Max: Fury Road and Batman v Superman, stated that it took the biggest bass drum on the planet to record Godzilla v's music. Kong.
The scene in which the new heroine of the franchise, the girl Gia (Kylie Hottle), touches the finger of King Kong, can be considered a tribute to Michelangelo's fresco "The Creation of Adam", in which God touches the first man. Judging by the trailer, some of the film's heroes see the giant gorilla as a protective deity. In 1982, the composition of the Sistine Chapel ceiling also inspired Steven Spielberg's ET poster. Biblical symbolism appeared repeatedly in the earlier parts of "The Monster Universe".

Godzilla vs. Kong must also reveal the details of the war of the Titans. According to the mythology of the franchise, the ancient people idolized the titans, then found a way to control them through telepathy and used them as weapons. Similar goals are pursued by the secret organization "Monarch", which for decades has been trying to tame King Kong and Godzilla. For telepathy in the film, it seems, he will be responsible for Jia - a Miki analogue of Japanese tapes about a 1990s lizard.

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