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Your Financial Model Done - in Only 20 Minutes

Your Financial Model Done - in Only 20 Minutes
By Get To Traction • Issue #16 • View online
Ugh, the dreaded financial model! You know you need one but it’s not fun staring at a blank spreadsheet. Your financial model is tied to many aspects of your business (ie, changing marketing channels changes your acquisition cost, hiring 1099’s vs W-2’s) so this is more than just a spreadsheet; it’s an interconnected overview of your startup and a worthwhile exercise.
While this headline article gets you up and going quickly, your final model is going to take several hours, a few iterations, a few tears, and after all of that - it’s never actually done! Did I already say Ugh???
Weekly Sprint - Brand Folder: Create a Brand Folder (as simple as a Google Doc but can be fancy like aptly-named BrandFolder) that has your logo, hex colors, messaging, bylines, and software style guide. Check your website, social media accounts, email signature, and elsewhere, and make sure your logos and color scheme are consistent across all platforms. Reply to this email and I’ll personally give you feedback.

Create a Startup Financial Model In 20 Minutes
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