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Please Collect Product Feedback Before You Launch

Please Collect Product Feedback Before You Launch
By Get To Traction • Issue #18 • View online
I realize this post probably isn’t for you because when you launch you’re going to get millions of users on day one, right? The truth is most products don’t survive their first contact with customers. It’s better (and cheaper) to find out as much about your customer and how they interact with your product BEFORE the big launch. Don’t wait until everything is perfect before you ask potential customers their opinion!
PS: Kudos to all of you who are working through the Weekly Sprints!
Weekly Sprint - Set a 30-Day Objective: What will you accomplish 30 days from now?  Define it as a SMART goal.  What’s a reasonable goal and what’s a stretch goal (ala Google OKR’s)?  What one thing, no matter how big or small, would push your startup forward the most?

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