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Mastering Your DTC Marketing

Mastering Your DTC Marketing
By Get To Traction • Issue #20 • View online
Direct to Consumer (DTC) products have been on the rise with more people staying home and becoming more open to shopping online. When you can buy anything online, how to you stand out? There are a few strategies that appear to be working well - customizing the customer’s experience, for example, to drive organic growth. You’ll still need lots of eyeballs to get initial traction but the ‘trend gods’ are in your favor.
Weekly Sprint - Who ISN’T your customer:  List your ideal customer characteristics - demographics, psychographics - and then create an anti-persona sublist.  Anti-Persona’s are people who think they are your target audience, but aren’t.  It may be arguably more beneficial to define who isn’t your customer. Reply back to this newsletter with your anti-persona list and I’ll personally give you feedback.

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