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Effects of Hype and Exclusivity for Your Launch

Effects of Hype and Exclusivity for Your Launch
By Get To Traction • Issue #15 • View online
Do you have your invite to Clubhouse yet? It’s pretty cool when a product can achieve so much traction by NOT being available to everyone. You need to have an incredible Unique Value Proposition for this to work; something revolutionary that gets people talking.
A tactic here that you can utilize is a simple waitlist. This gives you permission to talk to your potential users and get early feedback to make your product even better.
PS: And no, I don’t have my invite yet since I’m on a ‘droid, sigh….
Weekly Sprint - Co-Founder Job Description: Write down your roles and responsibilities for your future co-founder, job-description style. Think beyond technical or business skills. What knowledge gaps can this person fill? What personality type? Work ethic? Equity expectations? Send me your Weekly Sprint by replying to this email and I’ll personally review it and give you feedback.

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