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Chicken-and-Egg: Starting and Scaling a Marketplace

Chicken-and-Egg: Starting and Scaling a Marketplace
By Get To Traction • Issue #24 • View online
Building a marketplace is almost like building two companies at the same time. Each side has its own ideal customer, user experience, and jobs to be done. While it’s generally best to start with the supply side, this feature article goes a big step further to show you how to constrain your marketplace to get the flywheel started. Like you’ve probably heard before, niching down on your target customers (and problem… and solution…) is a good tactic to get to traction.
PS: Let me know if you’re interested in joining an early-stage startup mastermind group. I’m coordinating schedules.
Weekly Sprint - One Sentence Pitch: Describe your startup in one, succinct sentence. Some examples here. This is harder than it sounds so be prepared to work through several edits over time.

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