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Aligning Your Messaging for Go-To-Market Campaigns

Aligning Your Messaging for Go-To-Market Campaigns
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Whether you’re launching version v1.0 into the world, or maybe the latest feature request, it’s not enough to simply tell your potential customers about said feature. Your sales and marketing team (even if that’s still just you) need to be aligned in how you present those features. Go-To-Market is a critical step in your startup journey and the best campaigns are when the messaging is consistent between your marketing copy, how you close a sale, and the benefit you offer your customers.
Weekly Sprint - Customer Discovery; Talk to 5:  Schedule interviews to talk to 5 potential customers.  Don’t sell anything.  Don’t introduce your product or features.  Just ask questions about their pain points and what they’re currently doing to alleviate the pain.  Which assumptions do you believe to be true, that could be false? Reply back to this newsletter with your sprint and I’ll personally give you feedback.

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