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Get to Traction is a weekly newsletter for first time founders, early stage startups, and those grinding to get their products built so they can land their first users. Curated by a serial startup-er and local director of the world’s largest pre-seed accelerator. Visit our Early Stage Startu... Read more

Get to Traction is a weekly newsletter for first time founders, early stage startups, and those grinding to get their products built so they can land their first users. Curated by a serial startup-er and local director of the world’s largest pre-seed accelerator.

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Obtaining a Growth Mindset

This is something I see often; a founder launching a high-growth startup and all of the tactics are in place for growth but they just can't get that initial traction going. Corporate life teaches a fixed mindset. To some degree, so do traditional service-ba…


Stop Turning Away Your Leads

Just when you thought you had everything set up and ready for customers... nobody's buying! Customers can be fickle so don't give them any reason to leave your sales funnel. Check to make sure all of the tech is working (carts, website links) and then try w…


The 4 P's of Effective Market Positioning

Your position in the market - how your customer holds your startup in their mind - can mean the difference between 'humming along' and 'breakout success'. How do you see yourself differentiating from your competitors? How do your customers view how you're d…


Product-Led Leads the Way

Although startups have been 'product-led' (meaning, the product does the selling rather than a sales team) for years, it's been more recent that the term 'Product-Led Growth' has entered the lexicon. More than just a freemium model, PLG is an intentional focu…


SEO is Still a Thing and Yes You Need to Do It

This week's feature article goes waaaay beyond tweaking your metatags. From your website content to backlinks, knowing what Google looks for - and rewards - can help drive FREE traffic to your startup. For SaaS companies, you may have a longer lead time tha…


Get People to Actually Respond to Your Emails

Wait, you have how many emails in your inbox? And just think of all of the emails you're sending, landing in other people's inboxes, alongside maybe even MORE emails. While not directly a startup tactic, writing effective emails means you can focus your tim…


SAFE-ty First

Released by Y Combinator in 2013, the SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) Note investment vehicle has become popular for its simplicity and founder-friendly terms. Easy doesn't always mean better, and there are many options to raising funds. Once you br…


When Onboarding Friction is a Good Thing

I still believe good products reduce the friction required for a user to take action, whether that's signing up for your product, getting to the 'aha' moment, or even cancelling. This feature article is a good counterpoint, where adding some friction - small…


Why Subscriptions and Recurring Billing Works

You probably don't even know how many subscriptions you have; between streaming services, subscription boxes, and business services, it's easy to forget. This popularity is a big reason why recurring billing is such a profitable revenue model. Often incorre…


Get Happier Customers by Using Onboarding Emails

Hot diggity - someone signed up for your beta/free trial/live product! But then you realize people aren't actually using your product or providing helpful feedback. It could be that you haven't adequately shown your customer how to use your product. An onb…


Put a Feather in your Cap... Table

In theory, a cap table is a straightforward document that captures and organizes who owns what in your startup. In practice, this living document gets cumbersome quickly. Even if you haven't raised any funds yet, learning about managing your Cap Table now wil…


Get Inside Your Users' Minds

One of the biggest issues I see with early-stage founders is they don't do enough customer discovery. And then when they DO, they ignore the warning signs and plow ahead with their original idea. Think about the products you love.... does it feel like the com…


Psychological Questions to Ask Your Future Co-Founder

Gosh, if only I had a Co-Founder to share the load... Finding someone who can help with tasks is easy; finding someone who shares your same passion is hard. I've seen too many times where partnerships go sour and while it's a business headache it's also an e…


Chicken-and-Egg: Starting and Scaling a Marketplace

Building a marketplace is almost like building two companies at the same time. Each side has its own ideal customer, user experience, and jobs to be done. While it's generally best to start with the supply side, this feature article goes a big step further to…


How to Scale your Sales - From Scratch

Look at you! Customers are buying your product - some of them you don't even know! You might be in the elusive Product-Market-Fit stage and it's time to think about building out your sales team. What will your startup look like when sales have doubled, or 10X…


Build an Audience of 1000 True Fans

Vanity metrics, like total downloads or subscription boxes shipped, get all of the attention. Core metrics, like retention, show an engaged audience and can indicate you've hit product-market-fit, even if the audience size is small. You need both for your e…


Aligning Your Messaging for Go-To-Market Campaigns

Whether you're launching version v1.0 into the world, or maybe the latest feature request, it's not enough to simply tell your potential customers about said feature. Your sales and marketing team (even if that's still just you) need to be aligned in how you …


Mastering Your DTC Marketing

Direct to Consumer (DTC) products have been on the rise with more people staying home and becoming more open to shopping online. When you can buy anything online, how to you stand out? There are a few strategies that appear to be working well - customizing t…


Why Your Leads Aren't Converting

Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) are increasing so any lead that lands in your funnel is a big deal. It's frustrating when you're not seeing conversion rates your product deserves and even more frustrating when you have no idea why. These six reasons why yo…


Please Collect Product Feedback Before You Launch

I realize this post probably isn't for you because when you launch you're going to get millions of users on day one, right? The truth is most products don't survive their first contact with customers. It's better (and cheaper) to find out as much about your c…