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Geospatial 2.0 Newsletter #2

Welcome to the Geospatial 2.0 newsletter. Geospatial 2.0 is centered on improving the speed and accur
Geospatial 2.0 Newsletter #2
By Matt Sheehan • Issue #2 • View online
Welcome to the Geospatial 2.0 newsletter.
Geospatial 2.0 is centered on improving the speed and accuracy of decision-making by leveraging location data and artificial intelligence. This is a bi-monthly newsletter which includes articles, videos, use cases and more related to Geospatial 2.0.
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Geospatial 2.0 Articles
An analysis of new paradigms in the geospatial technology landscape, which will generate business value at scale, via deep segment-focused capacity.
In this article we gently dive into artificial intelligence (AI) and how it helps automate the processing of data. The promise of Geospatial 2.0 is the speed and accuracy of decision-making. AI is a central component.
Today geospatial and AI present fascinating possibilities. Both governments and private sector enterprises are looking to make use of this highly efficient form of data analysis.

Digital realty is great. But without the real-time pulse of people and things it is limited. Geospatial 2.0 provides that pulse. Fast, accurate decision-making for the now & tomorrow .. driving actions.
Podcasts & Webinars
A fascinating Mapscaping interview with OmniSci: “We fuse data by location and time, to get the full picture of not only what is happening, but when and where. Granular visualization of geospatial and time-series data enables seeing both the forest and the trees.”
Geospatial 2.0 Benefits
Geospatial 2.0 Benefits
Drones de Precisão na Agricultura LEGENDADO 1
Drones de Precisão na Agricultura LEGENDADO 1
Geospatial 2.0 Companies & Organizations
DataCapable: Geospatial 2.0 implementer. Inspire data driven action with machine learning expertise that aligns operational data with customer engagement opportunities.
Pixel8: Geospatial 2.0 enabler. To create a future powered by augmented reality, autonomous vehicles and digital mapping we need a global high definition 3D map. This can only be achieved by utilizing the broad array of data sources imaging our world - camera phones, 360 video, drones, aerial, satellite, radar, LiDAR.
Attentive AI: Geospatial 2.0 enabler. Converting your imagery into actionable insights and digital maps through AI-powered feature extraction
Aclima: Geospatial 2.0 implementer. To support bold action to reduce emissions, Aclima delivers environmental intelligence at unprecedented block-by-block resolution, locally and globally
Ecopia: Geospatial 2.0 enabler. Ecopia leverages AI to convert high-resolution images of our earth into high-definition (HD) Vector Maps. These maps form a digital representation of reality and are embedded into critical decision-making applications, offering unique insight at scale.

A publication of WhyofThere a Geospatial 2.0 enabling company
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A weekly newsletter focused on the evolution of Geospatial 2.0. The new geospatial paradigm which delivers instant, action-oriented insights to geo-aware decision-makers.

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