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George Froehlich
George Froehlich
Mexico City - one world’s great cities - is fun, exciting and different. Having been there five times, let’s go for a tour.
See the murals, the art, of Diego Rivera - one of the giants of the art world, the first Mexican painter to break the European mold.
Sam Cooke - a musical tour de force, a savvy businessman - the hits just kept coming.
Mexican food - stepped in history thousands of years old - always delicious whether it’s street food or fine dining. See for yourself.

Mexico City - A Polyglot Of Excellent Adventures
Mexico City
Mexico City
Mexico City.
It’s a melting pot.
A melting pot of, European charm and place; Latin sensibilities and flair; history, traditions and customs dating back thousands of years.
And that’s what makes it fascinating, unique and a reason to go back time after time.
Art I Love
Diego Rivera - Breaking Mexican Traditions, World-Renowned Painter
Diego Rivera Painting
Diego Rivera Painting
Diego Rivera - a giant in the art world - is best known for paying homage to the peasants of Mexico and the struggle of the working class to escape their bonds of subjugation.
But despite this constant struggle he sees beauty, valour and heroism in it.
Sam Cooke - Bridging Musical Gaps, Creating Hits Galore
Same Cooke
Same Cooke
He did it - bridged the gap between pop and soul music, the gap between black and white audiences - the amazing Sam Cooke.
Mexican Eats Are Outstanding Both Street Food, Fine Dining
Mexican Street Food
Mexican Street Food
Mexican Street Food
Mexican Street Food
Mexican food dates back thousands of years. It is a sum of all its parts - great memorable flavours, amazing tastes and contrasts.
It packs a punch. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s street food or food in an elegant restaurant.
The fundamentals are there for both.
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George Froehlich – Delicioso
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George Froehlich
George Froehlich @Deliciosonew

Puebla - Mexico's vacation gem, Mateo Romero - superb Southwestern art by an amazing, stellar, artist, five musical super stars - the Traveling Wilburys, amazing - animal friendships that will blow you away.

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