Delicioso - Issue #57



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George Froehlich
George Froehlich
Tokyo - the world’s most populous city - cultural, historical, culinary gems await you.
Northwest Coast art, steeped in ancient traditions, recognized internationally. Haida artist, Christian White, a master. His totem poles, masterpieces, his argillite carvings, exemplary.
Gospel music - the genre touches your soul, gives you joy to listen to, uplifts your spirits. And every Sunday, the Harlem Gospel Choir sings its heart out. We were there.
Fred Astaire - watch him perform his magic at the 1970 Oscars.
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Tokyo - Three Places With A Twist
Tokyo Fish Market
Tokyo Fish Market
Tokyo - mysterious, alluring, super modern, super old, contrasts galore.
What to do, where to go?
We chose three areas - not your usual tourist choices.
Art I Love
Christian White - Superb Haida Traditions
Christian White And One Of His Totem Poles
Christian White And One Of His Totem Poles
British Columbia’s Northwest Coast carvers, recognized all over the world for their stunning art.
And while carving in wood is the most predominant form, there is one that is more rare and Christian White is a master at it.
Harlem’s Gospel Choir - Uplifting, Powerful Soul Music
Harlem Gospel Choir
Harlem Gospel Choir
Every Sunday throughout Harlem’s churches in New York - gospel choirs entertain, inspire, their congregations. One went beyond that.
Fred Astaire Cutting A Mean Rug
Fred Astaire
Fred Astaire
Fred Astaire - superb, a master of his craft - dancing with precision, fabulous style, making it all seem flawless. One of his best efforts, the dancing at the 1970 Oscars.
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Why You Should Be Cleaning Your Grill With an Onion | Southern Living
The Orient Express—the Most Luxurious Train in the World—Is Returning
Inside indoor-farming giant, Bowery Farming
George Froehlich – Delicioso
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George Froehlich
George Froehlich @Deliciosonew

Puebla - Mexico's vacation gem, Mateo Romero - superb Southwestern art by an amazing, stellar, artist, five musical super stars - the Traveling Wilburys, amazing - animal friendships that will blow you away.

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