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Genotype News - Expectations, Devlogs, Concept Art, Game Audio, Behind the Screens, and more!

Genotype News - Expectations, Devlogs, Concept Art, Game Audio, Behind the Screens, and more!
By Bolverk Games • Issue #1 • View online
About three months ago, some significant papers were signed and an ambitious brand-new VR sci-fi game became a reality. This prompted a lot of people to get busy. Game designers got to work. Programmers wrote code. Musicians began composing. Nerds in the marketing department produced long, boring documents. An author was abducted. Artists expressed themselves to their hearts’ content.
The first issue of Genotype News reflects our intention to finally open the doors to the wider world. Even if it’s only a little bit here in the beginning. I hope you will join us on this journey. Be sure to dress warmly as things will get very chilly where we are heading!

"Please close the door, you are letting the heat out."
"Please close the door, you are letting the heat out."
Our first issue of Genotype News will include a little bit of everything, so that you, our wonderful reader, can get a fairly solid grasp of what we’re working on. Our future issues will most likely focus on only one or two subjects at a time, but with a greater amount of details. Please accept my apologies if you are not satisfied with the finite scraps we will be sharing today. Trust me, there will be a lot more content coming soon!
With that, let’s begin. Here is … Genotype.
Devlog #1 - Use the GRAID to create your own creatures from scratch
In Genotype, the player interacts with the world primarily through a device called the GRAID. This experimental creature printer glove allows users to quickly grow alien creatures on the spot. Pretty nifty, huh? Future issues of Genotype News will devote a lot of Devlogs to this tool and all of the possibilities it offers to the player. 
But, since this creature printing feature is still very much a “work in progress”, I will keep this first Devlog a bit short. But not to worry, we will be digging into all the nitty-gritty technical details in the nearest future!
Early concepts. It is possible that GRAID's final form will look very different.
Early concepts. It is possible that GRAID's final form will look very different.
Hold on a minute! We don’t want to disappoint you with our first Devlog. That is not right. So, for you to better understand the purpose of this GRAID, I’ve provided an example of how one of these printed creatures could function. Scroll down to the Artist Alley section below and you’ll find it there.
Artist Alley #1 - Designing a living and breathing world from scratch
Throughout Genotype, the player will encounter a series of strange creatures and alien-looking habitats. They will also be printing/creating creatures themselves using the experimental GRAID introduced in the Devlog section above. Each creature will have unique properties, all of which can aid the player in some way or another. 
Example: Suppose a player encounters a stubborn terminal that needs to be hacked. Thanks to the experimental GRAID glove, the player can create a creature that can essentially help them possess machines. This printed creature will allow the player to “step into” the computer for a while, enabling them to interact with the digital world directly and circumvent the terminal’s security systems by solving some puzzles or tasks in first-person.
Stubborn terminals can be hacked if you have the right tool for the job.
Stubborn terminals can be hacked if you have the right tool for the job.
Early concepts of the world the player will enter when hacking terminals.
Early concepts of the world the player will enter when hacking terminals.
This idea of changing the player´s perspective, using the printed creatures, is one of the core pillars of our gameplay. A feature that momentarily allows the player to look at the world through a new pair of eyes, so to say. Right, back to the hacking! Once the puzzle inside the computer is solved, the player will return to their senses and will once again be outside the terminal, which will no longer be locked.
In future issues of Genotype News, we will be exploring all the visual aspects of the game. By the end, we hope to have given you a complete picture of the world we’re creating, as well as its many strange inhabitants.
Game Audio #1 - Composing an other-worldly sounding game
Here is a treat! Krederik, our composer, created this small audio soundscape that matches the hacking scenario shown above in the Artist Alley section.
Genotype - Hacker Soundscape
Genotype - Hacker Soundscape
“With Genotype, it is our intention to immerse players in a game that sounds absolutely other-worldly and create an experience that is truly alien to the ear. As for the music itself, it will most likely range from serene, mellow, and melancholy ambient music to menacing, pulsating compositions. Later, as you keep playing, the soothing feel of the music will gradually turn into distorted music laden with dissonance and despair. ”
- Krederik Feglberg
If you want to explore a truly alien soundscape alongside us, then keep an eye out for future issues of Genotype News. We’re just getting started.
Twitch schedule #1 - Are we Live yet?
Did you know we have a Twitch channel? You can find it here →
We have been a bit quiet lately, but with our upcoming VR project underway, that will change soon. We have lots of fun ideas for different kinds of streams and content. I won’t get into too many details just yet, but here are some of the working titles: The Creature Feature, Nightshift in the Security Office, Tours of the site, and my personal favorite, Hunted Hunter Hunt Down.
Aside from these show ideas, we will also conduct some more “standard streams”, such as QAs, development streams, different kinds of events, and some Let’s Plays.
You can look forward to receiving the actual Streaming Schedule in the next issue of Genotype News!
QA - Any questions?
Our aim is to have a small QA section in every issue of Genotype News. But, to do that, we need your questions! Hence, dear reader, if you have questions after reading through this, our very first Genotype publication, do not fret. Send your inquiries to and we will do our very best to answer your question (or questions) by the next issue.
IRL - Behind-the-screens
We will make a habit of ending each issue of Genotype News with a bit of behind-the-screens footage. In this, our very first issue, we’ll share an older photo of our office space. Recently, we renovated the space… And by renovated, I mean we tore down that wall with the fantastic painting and annexed the neighboring offices. You can rest assured, though! In due course, a new mural will be painted.
Our home away from home.
Our home away from home.
We are nearing the end!
Yes, indeed. It’s time to wrap things up for today. Thank you so much for taking the time to read Genotype News #1. The aim is to publish an issue every other week until launch. If you’re a subscriber, you can look forward to issue #2 on July 21st, 2022. 
We hope you have enjoyed what you have seen so far. If so, please consider sharing this newsletter on Twitter and with your friends. Also, if you’d like to get in touch with us, you’re welcome to join our Discord server.
Have a great day and until next time, take care.
All the best from,
Bolverk Games
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