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Genotype News - Creature printing, scheduled Twitch streams, and some behind-the-screens!

Genotype News - Creature printing, scheduled Twitch streams, and some behind-the-screens!
By Bolverk Games • Issue #2 • View online
Unlike issue #1 of Genotype News, today’s newsletter will focus on only a few things, but in greater detail! We have a comprehensive devlog this time around that shows off our unique creature printing feature. Additionally, we will announce the Twitch broadcast dates in August. And to round everything off, some behind-the-screens footage.

Devlog #2 - Create creatures and use them as tools
As you might know, in Genotype, the player interacts with the world primarily through a device called the GRAID glove. Using this printer, players can rapidly grow alien creatures on the spot, making up the game’s core mechanic. Essentially, these creatures serve as tools to help the wielder overcome challenges, deal with hostile enemies, and help the player escape.
Some early concept art for the GRAID glove.
Some early concept art for the GRAID glove.
The idea is that these printable creatures will enable the player to perform in-game interactions. Many ideas are floating around right now. These include climbing walls, breathing underwater, cutting wires, shooting deadly projectiles, hacking computer systems, causing electrical damage, moving heavy objects, and even changing the temperature of an environment. These printable creatures offer many fun possibilities in a VR game. Just remember, the challenge does not lie in printing the creatures, but in knowing when and how to use them. 
You might ask yourself, in-game, how does this printing effect look? Well, to demonstrate the creature printing technology in all its glory, I am pleased to share a clip from our current prototype. Naturally, the printing of this grub looks even better inside VR, but we hope this footage below will help communicate our vision for Genotype.
Genotype VR - GRAID Glove - Creature Printer - WIP
Genotype VR - GRAID Glove - Creature Printer - WIP
To use this printing technology, the player must collect Genomass from the feral creatures they encounter in the facility. It’s entirely up to you how you handle this. Just make sure you keep your supply stocked at all times otherwise you won’t be able to continue.
Harvesting a creature does not require killing it. The player just has to get close enough to it. It might only take a moment to extract the Genomass, but the creature might not appreciate being poked in the name of science. The player can also extract Genomass from dead creatures, but the process yields significantly less material, making it a less optimal method for progressing through the game.
Twitch schedule #2 - Let´s get started
In terms of Twitch, we have a lot of fun ideas. However, Genotype will need to be further along in its development before most of them can be implemented. Therefore, we will begin with a standard Let’s Play! Oh, and here’s a link to our Twitch channel in case you need it.
Schedule for August:
  • August 16 - Wrapping up Red Matter
  • August 18 - Red Matter 2
It’s a bit far off, but I’m afraid we’ll be on vacation for the first two weeks of August. The next issue of Genotype News will contain information about future streams beyond August 18th.
QA - Do you have questions? We have answers!
Our ambition is to have a small QA section in every issue of Genotype News. But, to do that, we need your questions! Hence, dear reader, if you have questions after reading through this, do not fret. Send your question to and we will do our very best to answer your question (or questions) by the next issue.
Behind-the-screens #2 - Some stuff from the vaults
Ah, 2016. That was an interesting year. Not only for Bolverk Games, but also for virtual reality in general.
Did you know that Kittypocalypse was not only our first VR game production but was also one of the first games available on the Oculus Store? It wasn’t easy getting everything ready for that deadline, working with such new technology. History will testify that we succeeded.
When working on a new game, it’s always interesting to look back at where it all began…
From the Vaults -  Kittypocalypse Development - 2016
From the Vaults - Kittypocalypse Development - 2016
Also, don’t worry if you don’t understand anything said in the video above. They are just speaking Danish. You haven’t had a stroke.
Wrapping up.
Our sincere thanks go out to everyone who reads Genotype News. Until launch, we intend to publish an issue every other week. Subscribers can look forward to Genotype News again on August 4th, 2022.
We hope you have enjoyed what you have seen so far. Please consider sharing this newsletter on Twitter and with your friends. You’re welcome to join our Discord server if you’d like to get in touch with us.
Have a wonderful day and until next time, take care.
All the best from,
Bolverk Games
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