🧬 Gene's weekly 🧬 - Issue #23 - "I could do it if I tried"





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Hey friends! 👋 Here are some tweets I found interesting, and maybe you will too…

✨ #1
Andrew Gazdecki
Read your startups competitor reviews, fix the stuff people complain about, and copy the stuff people love.
This also works for copywriting and SEO - you can learn so much from people’s reviews - both positive and negative. Address all of their concerns in your copy, boom, epicness! 🤯 - yeah I made that term up 😆
✨ #2
April Dunford
Startups often avoid talking about competitors because they a) don't want to call attention to other alternatives, or b) don't want to be seen as trashing the competition. Those reasons make sense but it's possible to position against alternatives in a way customers appreciate 1/
TLDR; In B2B, too many choices leads to no decision.
If you are hesitant to position yourself against competitors by naming them, instead, position yourself against other (inferior) approaches.
Why is the way your product approaching solving the customer’s problem better than all other alternative approaches?
✨ #3
Ryan Hoover
Why so many people with a startup idea never ship https://t.co/lBtmsM2xlj
“I could do it, if I tried” - we all know a person like that, don’t we?
🔥 Bonus
Dallas Liam
I've owned and operated private prisons for over two decades. Private prisons are the single greatest real estate investment vehicle around. Here is what I have learned.

This is an absolute epic thread 🔥🔥🔥
If you find yourself instantly angry and wanting to comment, then the poster has done their job.
I think given the right industry, this would be an awesome way to launch a viral tweet that positions your product perfectly against an egregious industry practice. It could also backfire, 😂. Not for rookies!!
🍕Personal Updates
  1. I just wrapped up designing a poker product website for a client. It was fun! 🃏♦️ Anyone need any help with anything? A spot just opened up 😉
  2. The Swipe platform is coming along. I am not sold on the name.. but essentially it’s all of the swipe products under one roof. Previous customers access for free. The idea is to build a hub to learn concepts and apply strategies all from one place. I am about to test out Outseta for membership/authentication. Know anyone good on camera who’d like to record some stuff?
If you’d like to help, I would love for you to check out the platform and let me know what you think. Your feedback would make my month!
three 3. (Dang Revue doesn’t let me add a 3rd numbered list item).
A BUNCH of people ask about the SaaS Blocks dashboard components every time I share them on Twitter. People DM me asking when they can buy. I guess that’s a good thing! 🤩
Problem is, they are not ready, not even close 😱. I made a deadline for myself to finish the designs in 1 week, and to code everything in the 2nd. This feels impossible tbh, I feel like I need someone to partner with asap!!
👀 Do you need a 2nd pair of eyes on anything?
Reply if you’d like me to look at anything for you for any reason. I’d love to help somehow!!!!!!
🙇 Thanks for reading 🙏
Have a great rest of your week! See you next time. 👋 🏄‍♂️🍹🏝
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