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New moon newsletter - Issue #5


New moon newsletter

August 7 · Issue #5 · View online

W. D. Gann practitioner using original Gann methods. Avatar is my interpretation of current S&P 500 campaign.
Blue = Bull Campaign, Red = Bear Campaign.

The new moon of August 8 shows the lunation at 16 Leo opposite Saturn at 9 Aquarius and squaring Uranus at 14 Taurus. Although the square between Saturn and Uranus is out of close orb, it’s interesting to note the position of this lunation in this cycle.

New Moon on Aug 8
New Moon on Aug 8
There are no particularly negative aspects to the NYSE key rulers of Mars and Neptune (144 degrees) in this cycle so analysis and interpretation is rather mute. That said, it is also important to superimpose the chart onto the NYSE natal chart of 17 May 1792 as follows:
New Moon of August 8 superimposed onto the NYSE natal chart
New Moon of August 8 superimposed onto the NYSE natal chart
Here the analysis lights up. Hades at 11 Cancer is square Chiron (correction) at 12 Aries which occupies the Mid-heaven area of the chart and Vesta the planet of trading is opposite Chiron in the 4th house.
The lunation is conjunct natal Uranus at 15 Leo in the second house, whilst squaring transiting Uranus and opposing transiting Saturn. Uranus the planet of the unexpected should feature in the upcoming lunation perhaps where it concerns the flows of money into and out of the stock market. Do note that transiting Pluto at 25 Capricorn is still in an active square with natal Saturn and natal Neptune at the 25-27 degree mark and although this planetary arrangement has not featured in any meaningful pullback since May 10, a question may be asked about the role of Vulcanus Rx. and Mercury at 23 degrees Leo and whether the conjunction of this planetoid and planet could trigger the outer planet arrangement.
Heliocentrically, a milestone would be reached on August 8 when Mars reaches its axes at 18 degrees Virgo turns down until October 2022 when it reaches 18 Taurus again. I’m not saying that a bear market will arrive during this period by any means as there are other strong heliocentric counts, but there could be deeper and unexpected corrections during the next year or so.
Overall, I can’t conclude that a deep correction would set in based on this lunation but it is highly possible looking at the wider picture as painted above.
For the S&P 500, a correction if any has to occur in this upcoming week as the 275 (4400) level is a critical one and if broken by more than 48 points could run to 300 (4800) in either a fast advance or slow creeping manner. I’ve been trying to position short since May 10 and the 275 level is a critical one for me. You can access my article “the magic of 275” here.
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