Games Industry Law Summit

By Sergei Klimov

A newsletter about games industry's legal side, written for the benefit and entertainment of the folks attending (or considering to attend) the annual Games Industry Law Summit in Vilnius.

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Games Industry Law Summit – the making of & photos (LOTS of photos)

Today's issue is dedicated to the photographs from the event. For the sixth time now, we work with Vilnius-based Simas Bernotas – who keeps getting better at capturing the vibe of the Summit.This time around, we also agreed that Simas will photograph every si…


Games Industry Law Summit – 2021 is over, what's next

To those who attended: thanks for coming and braving the wind!To those who couldn't, due to travel restrictions: see you in 2022!Tidbits below –>


Games Industry Law Summit – what a blast!

Good morning from Vilnius Old Town!Day One was a blast, and Day Two promises even more great content (and great food, too – we have 2 special things scheduled for today: an open cooking station and a selection of authentic Lithuanian deserts). Quick updates b…


Games Industry Law Summit – so good to see you!

It's been great seeing you all yesterday, and we look forward to hosting the first day of panels and presentations today. To ensure everyone's safety, please remember to mask up when indoors or in close contact!A few tidbits before the start of the day –>


Games Industry Law Summit – banners in the wind (bring your coats)

In the last 12 hours I've met more people from the games industry than I've met in the last 18 months. Real-life human contact is pretty awesome! And the speed of group conversations is substantially higher than on a conference call, because you can just tune…


Games Industry Law Summit – small details, addition to agenda

Before we dive into the minutiae of the upcoming intellectual feast (also known as the Summit), I'd like to share a little story about the integrity and the difference in defending – or not – studio's rights.In early July, world's beloved president Putin sign…


Games Industry Law Summit – Attendees, Safety Kit details

Last week, some of my friends attended a games industry event in Moscow which happened indoors with a few hundred people partying and socialising without much effort to mask up. COVID? What COVID?And today here in Vilnius, we have the wifebeaters rally also k…


Games Industry Law Summit - Speakers

We hope you're all doing great, and that you plan to avoid any indoor weddings or corporate parties during the coming weekend to protect the other attendees from a possibility to bring back home, as a souvenir, some really special variant of the coronavirus –…


Games Industry Law Summit – Countdown initiated!

We're one week and one day away from the Summit's Reception Dinner, and our eyes are glued to the weather forecast: will it be sunny and warm, like right now, with a mellow +20C – or will it be cold and windy, like last night, with a chilly +3C and light rain…


Games Industry Law Summit – Do biegu! Gotowi!! Start!!!

Here's hoping that this issue finds you at home, comfortably sitting in your favourite chair with a cup of herbal tea – while your kids prepare the lunch for you in the kitchen. BUT PROBABLY NOT. Maybe you're on a Zoom call about a complicated regulatory issu…


Games Industry Law Summit – 6 weeks to go, we're in print now

"The pandemics is not over yet, but we are already over the pandemics" is something that I've heard a few times when talking to studio people who have resumed their international travel.There's less travel and there's more safety protocols around it, but it i…


Summit 2021 – last call + updates

Hello, friends –We're less than 10 weeks away from this year's Summit, and we are now running the last call to lock down the attendee list. Please read the issue below for the recent updates, and the action points – and if you're short on time, scroll all the…


Summit 2021 – FAQ

Dear friends: long time no hear! As many of other studios this year, our own small team is stretched thin between several games projects, the main effect of working from home being that I now feel guilty taking any breaks since I assume that others are, meanw…


Legal Challenge IV: Judges/Finals + Hiring industry lawyers

Tomorrow, the semifinals of Legal Challenge IV kick off!Watch them live on Wednesday and Thursday, between 14:00 and 16:00 GMT, on the Summit's YouTube channel – or catch up any time later when the recordings are uploaded. Today we present the judge panel of …


Legal Challenge IV: Judges/Semifinals

With Denmark ceasing the use of AstraZeneca jabs and Lithuania as well as Latvia coming forward to purchase the unused doses from the Copenhagen's freezers, the chances that everyone here in Vilnius will get their shots by the time the Summit starts in Septem…


Legal Challenge IV: TEAMS

Kalí méra, my friends – I hope you're not going nuts just yet.These days, a lot of folks in the Summit's community are in the process of quitting something: coffee, alcohol, LinkedIn, old messenger apps, you name it... Which makes a lot of sense, of course, g…


Games Industry Law Summit – Making plans in the middle of the pandemics

Hello, my dearest old friends – and hello, dear new subscribers!Never before has the truth about everyone fighting their own battles rang truer than in the days of the pandemics when each of us is doing our best to remain 'normal' in front of our teams while …


Games Industry Law Summit – Plan C & other matters

"How are you?" is a simple question that, when asked in the Summit's community at the present moment, yields a bunch of very complex answers:Some companies and firms have been working from home for half a year by now, while some never gave up on their offices…


Games Industry Law Summit – #63

It's been a while since we last touched base. I hope you're all doing well – or at least, well enough, under the circumstances!Several people in the community whom I know personally have been hit with the virus over the last few weeks. And while all of them h…


S01E02: Brian & Felix (and other news)

It seems like every conversation these days starts and ends with COVID-19 – at least if your job is related to legal or business aspects of the games industry.Will Gamescom happen in August in Cologne?Probably unlikely, but could run as a limited local event …