Games Industry Law Summit

By Sergei Klimov

A newsletter about games industry's legal side, written for the benefit and entertainment of the folks attending (or considering to attend) the annual Games Industry Law Summit in Vilnius.

A newsletter about games industry's legal side, written for the benefit and entertainment of the folks attending (or considering to attend) the annual Games Industry Law Summit in Vilnius.

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Games Industry Law Summit – Happy Memories 2022!

Head over here to find yourself – or your favourite presenter – and revisit the many happy memories: would never have managed to run this year's event on this scale, and with such resources, without the support o…


Games Industry Law Summit – 2022 wrapped, 2023 open for applications

This year we ran the Summit for the 7th time in 8 years.Ironically, it's thanks to the pandemics that we discovered the outdoor format – which gives the attendees more control in how they want to participate.Previously, you would have to exit the presentation…


Games Industry Law Summit - Recap of Day Three

We opened the last day of the Summit with the debate on the sanctions (against Russia, Iran, etc.), and the way they are applied. Ironically, from September 19 two of the panelists would not be even allowed into Lithuania on a direct flight – but would be fin…


Games Industry Law Summit - Recap of Day Two

Many thanks to Brian Chung for opening this year's program.


Games Industry Law Summit – Links/Changes

The agenda is here. There are no changes in the topics, but a few changes in the speakers.


Games Industry Law Summit - countdown (3/3)

The address of the venue is Didžioji 7 (but everyone and their mother would know PACAI if you use just the name alone).What's happening here:🗓 SEP 7Reception Dinner 17:00 - 21:00Badge & box pickup possible throughout the dinner: 🙏 please, do this if you c…


Games Industry Law Summit - countdown (2/3)

In many countries, the public health communication is now focused on the pandemics being "over" and the new versions of COVID being "mild". The chart above, showing how many people have died unnecessarily in just the last year, tells a different story – and s…


Games Industry Law Summit – countdown (1/3)

If you're among the 200 attendees who already sent their flight details to us, you're a good person. Take a cookie!If you still haven't submitted your data, though, please email Alma – or you risk landing in hot water. Your hotel booking is flexible on the co…


Games Industry Law Summit – Deadlines (24 hrs & 7 days)

Each year we print a Community Book with the profiles of each attendee; you will find a copy in your attendee box.The book is designed to help you get to know the others better, as well as to learn about those whom you haven't had the chance to meet personall…


Games Industry Law Summit – Deadlines, Headlines & Shirts

If you attend our event in 2022, you should have already received a link to the questionnaire from Alma. ⏰ Please complete the form by July 15 ⏰Two parts of this form are optional:1️⃣ your profile for the annual Community Book2️⃣ your preference for the main …


Games Industry Law Summit - event details & call for submissions

The registration for this year's Summit is formally over as we've exceeded the limit that we planned for, repeatedly, including Plan B and Plan C. As of today, we expect attendees from 40 different countries (including Chile and Greece) –


Games Industry Law Summit #85 – LC results, registration, Super Pass news

In 2022, Legal Challenge – the premiere moot court of the international games industry – ran for the 5th time. Each year about twenty teams compete for the 4 spots in the semifinals, and then battle it out in front of the expert judge panel. Every team that q…


Games Industry Law Summit – Making games in the time of war

As I type this, Russian tanks are about to enter Kyiv. People are killed, both soldiers and civilians alike. Houses are burning, as columns of refugees attempt to leave the cities.Here in Europe, we've been insulated from such events for quite some time. Thou…


Games Industry Law Summit - Legal Challenge V is OPEN!

WHAT IS IT?The Legal Challenge is the annual moot court competition dedicated to the matters of the international games industry. We started it back in 2017, and this year it runs for the fifth time.DOES IT MAKE AN IMPACT?Looking at the careers of the finalis…


Games Industry Law Summit 2022: registrations are OPEN

As always, in 2021 we commissioned Paulius from Ice Dunes to prepare and serve a custom batch of ice cream for the Summit. The ice cream did well on the pre-event day, when the sun was shining – but as the cold winds picked up during the following days, it wa…


Games Industry Law Summit – the making of & photos (LOTS of photos)

In 2021, the Summit moved from Kempinski to Hotel PACAI as we aimed to improve the quality and the flow of lunches and dinners while at the same time providing a safe environment – which meant building a custom outdoor tent (thanks, COVID!).As people like to …


Games Industry Law Summit – 2021 is over, what's next

We think the morning coffee offering has improved on the last event (those croissants with natural jam, yum yum!).The idea of a smaller range at lunch allowed the kitchen to deliver higher quality of individual options, which we think worked out well.All the …


Games Industry Law Summit – what a blast!

Some of you have been very active in trading, and half of the prize fund is gone already – hurry up! Prize Desk will be open near the PCR Test Point from 09:00 to lunchtime today. Bring 10 unique cards and claim any prize among those available.


Games Industry Law Summit – so good to see you!

We'll post more photos once the event wraps, and if you want your picture taken against the brand wall at the gates or with a friend – just ask Simas, the photographer, and he'll help.


Games Industry Law Summit – banners in the wind (bring your coats)

We spent the morning with the crew that's responsible for putting up Old Town's Christmas decorations to place the banners of Tier A and Tier B partners. It was a lot of fun! We even managed to piss off one owner of a Rolls-Royce SUV, whom we blocked with a c…