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Summit's podcast and cookie news

Games Industry Law Summit
Summit's podcast and cookie news
By Sergei Klimov • Issue #61 • View online
As I was looking for photos of Roman Zanin and Ryan Black, the guests of the premiere episode of the Summit’s Community Podcast, I was shocked to see the action captured in the event’s galleries: people who clearly come from different countries were socialising, without their N95 masks on! And shaking hands! And bumping shoulders over cocktail tables!
Just a couple of months into the COVID-19 pandemics, and scenes like these already seems surreal. Those were the days, I hummed to myself, as I spotted Tobias Schelinski hugging – hugging! – two people at the same time. What a riot! And what a journey the last few weeks have been… May we all get through the current events safely and soundly, so that we can meet again, and properly hug each other, and toasts with flutes full of champagne.

Summit's Community Podcast is now LIVE
That the Summit has moved to Q4 made me realise how much I miss this special group of people that is always ready to share a drink and a few of industry stories here in Vilnius during the event. Of course, we always do our best to focus on panels and presentations – but it’s the community spirit that makes it or breaks it, really.
With this in mind, this week we launched the Summit’s very own Community Podcast where we plan to talk to past and present attendees from different countries, using this opportunity to catch up on the news in their home regions as well as to chew on a number of the ever-green topics.
The first episode is already out, with Roman Zanin (General Counsel of Wargaming) and Ryan Black (Partner at DLA Piper Canada) –
With Roman dealing in from Nicosia and Ryan joining from Vancouver (thanks for the fantastic connection, Discord!), we spend 50 minutes talking about a range of topics – from whether graduating from a particular law school really matters to one’s career in the industry to how global games companies typically hire law firms, and what should the games industry lawyers ideally feel towards video games as a medium (we also shed a few tears over Cypriot coffee shops staying closed through the lockdown).
You can find the podcast HERE to play in web or through Anchor , and HERE on Spotify.
This being our first episode, my audio engineering is pretty basic – but Mindaugas volunteered to look into this for the next issue, so we’ll see that improving over time.
Scheduled for next week:
An episode with Felix Hilbert (Partner at Osborne Clarke) and Brian Taehyun Chung (Partner at King & Chang).
If you have any questions specific to their expertise or their home regions (Germany and South Korea), just send me an email!
Legal Challenge IV – update
Originally, we expected to announce the 4 teams that qualify to the semifinals by march 15, 2020. But life (and COVID-19) got in the way, and a few of the judges still work on grading the memos. We currently expect that we’ll be all done by end of March, and that we’ll announce the 4 top teams in the first days of April.
Who's crunching on Osborne Clarke cookies?
While we were re-scheduling the Summit from May to November in late February, we kept expecting something to show up that we wouldn’t be able to move.
Hotels – moved.
Venues – moved.
Beer order – re-scheduled.
Wine and other spirits – safely booked into storage.
Next came the gifts that we’ve designed on behalf of the event’s sponsors for the attendee boxes: some things already arrived and could wait, and others were scheduled to be prepared just a couple of weeks prior to the Summit to be fresh (and there’s a whole bunch of these, which I’ll detail at some other time).
Finally, we thought that we’ve been able to take care of everything. And then the bakery called to report that they baked a couple of thousand Osborne Clarke cookies – since the baker doesn’t use any artificial ingredients, to arrive at the right level of crunchiness the cookies had to “rest” for about 10 weeks prior to the Summit.
By the time we realised that these won’t stay in shape for November, it was too late to mail them to Osborne Clarke even if we wanted to, as Lithuania entered the lockdown and Germany initiated WFH policy for most businesses.
So this morning, Mindaugas – properly attired in mask and gloves – went to the bakery to settle the bill and picked up the cookie boxes…
…which he then delivered to Santaros Klinikos (our frontline in the campaign to control the pandemic), handing these over to the cantina where nurses take their breaks:
If last year someone would have told me that as a part of the Summit ops, we’ll be delivering Osborne Clarke cookies to doctors and nurses… man oh man, these days life comes fast at you!
Anyways, here’s hoping that all of you are staying safe and healthy, doping whatever possible to help those around you who are in need!
If you’ll find the time to play the podcast, please send me your feedback – and if you have any questions for Felix and Brian who join the podcast next week, do feel free to post these as well.
See you later! <3
// Sergei
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